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  1. You could move it using fence posts. Get as many as you can and lay them under the spa giving it lots of support. Then roll spa to its new location. Just keep placing the posts in front of the spa as you roll over them. Helps to have lots of hands helping you.
  2. I just purchased my second foam blanket. The first one served me well for two years then it began to rip. I could not find anything to glue it. So I got a new one. I live New England so we get lots of snow and cold weather. If I use spa alone or with the wife I only fold over blanket for the seats we use. I no longer sit and watch my money go up in steam, the blanket holds in most of the heat. I also like the fact it saves my cover from the chemicals. I cut my blanket to fit the shape of the spa at the water line with the exception of the water fall, I cut blanket leaving a flap that goes over the water fall and rest on the top edge of the spa the weight of the cover holds it in place so if I forget to turn off water fall the water stays under the blanket. I say it is well worth the cost.
  3. You can pay the driver extra to bring it into your back yard. I did this and because I have every thing clear and plywood on the grass to push it over they had no problems. The delivery guy had two wooden furniture movers, I also had purchased two of them so with four of them under the spa they were able to push in the yard upto the slab. They also unwraped it it put it down in place and gave me time to look it over. Start off the the right foot with a big hellow, glade your here, have a drink, etc. add a little cash and you should be all set. Good luck
  4. Charles I would first start by grabing the person by the ear and pulling hard until they see were they went wrong. OK with that out of the way try cooking oil or a spray oi like pam. WD-40 should also work. I think when your done you will may still have some stains on the cover. Good luck
  5. I keep mine set at 102 all the time but them I use it every day. I would not want ot wait for it to come up to that temp from a lower setting. If I was only going to use it once a month I could see lowering it but I would think you would require more elec to keep reheating it. Like someone said set it and forget it!
  6. "aahNatural" THE NON-TOXIC HOT TUB MAINTENANCE SOLUTION? OK Has anyone looked into this product or using it? It is some kind of bag full of chemicals that you put at the bottom of your spa and then you will not need to add any other chemicals for a year! Yea I know someone also wants to sell me a bridge or some water front property that's a few feet under the water, but I just want to find out if this works. The non-toxic hot tub maintenance solution. Includes: ahhnatural pad, ancient sea salt, Ahh Up (sodium bicarbonate), Ahh Down (vitamin C) and installation instructions Cost is $239.00 The cost I think is more than what I pay for the normal years in chemicals from my local spa supplier. I am going to pick up some shock today and I plan to ask if they sell this or if they know anything about it.
  7. I purchased a thermal blanket (not sure it was this one) and it does work pretty good. We soak leaving the blanket in place and only fold back the blanket for the seats we are using. We have been in the tub during a snow fall and as it landed on the blanket and it did not melt right away. That tells me that it is holding the heat in. I get less water build up on the bottom of my hard cover leading me to think that it prevents some of the evaporation. I also forgot to close the cover one cold night and with the blanket it saved me some money. The only problem I have is it rips in a few places. Could not find any adhesvie to fix it so I got out my Sail mending kit and stiched the rips solved the problem. Make sure you take your time cutting the blanket to fit snug at the water line.
  8. CREDIT CARD! CREDIT CARD! CREDIT CARD! I never pay cash or check for any expensive items I only use a credit card I have never had a problem getting credit card company to refund a charge when I did not receive the item.
  9. I pulled 4 AWG #6 wires (approx 50ft.) through all at once from the panel to the GFI using a fish tape. Went from panel becasue I had lots of room on the basement floor to lay out the wire.
  10. VAT how is that working for you? SOCIALIZED MEDICINE? Your paying for that on top of the base price of the tub. If you want we can send you Hillary Clinton well no then you have to pay even more. If she gets elected here in the USA we will be paying the same price you are for a tub. Screwed, yes I would say $26K for a tub is a little excessive. Maybe you can get a Doctors note and have the Government provide it for you. We did a little thing in this country a few hundred years ago, maybe you should head down to the water front with a few friends and toss some tea in the harbor to get things started. On a serious note you ned to make sure the dealer and mgf. will be providing good support of the tub you purchase. Hang out in the showroom and talk to some of the people who come in to buy spa chemicals. Ask them what model they purchased and if they a happy with it. Most Spa owners are happy to talk good or bad about thier Spa. Good Luck what ever tub you buy you are sure to enjoy the warm water all year. I stayed 3 weeks in the UK and man you have some serious weather that makes your arthritis remind you why you shelled out $26,000 for a tub.
  11. I would not consider a lounger if your going to have a lot of people in the tub. Takes up a lot of room.
  12. I have the Cover lifter Covermate 1 with the plastic brackets. Same as in photos others have attached. My Spa cabinet panels are composit panels. The brackets are molded, they are strong and I do not see them becoming a problem so long as your only lifting the cover and not trying to pull an engine out of your Ford pick-up truck. I have been using cover lifter for a year and no problems.
  13. Keep it running the best part about a Hot Tub is waiting for it to snow and jumoing in. The colder the better. I was upset last winter because in Rhode Island we had very little snow but we did have a lot of very cold nights.
  14. Don't forget the Wife will need to buy new bath robes, new color matching towels, new padio table and chairs, umbrella, deck lights, decorations, remodel the bathroom why, because your putting in a spa and she will not want your friends comming over and having to change in your current bathroom. But hey it is still worth it.
  15. OR he could run a copper pipe from his spa through his gas grill and heat the water , grill a burger and have the hot water return too his tub increass the temp. Works in RHOD ISLAND OK so I am kidding but I think you would need to get someone from M.I.T. to perform all of the programing. Have your tried contacting the Spa manufacturer to see if they can fix problem. I have my spa set to 102-103 and it feels good. When it get to 104-105 it is way to hot for me.
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