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  1. Ok. I did try pressing onto a black area of the screen. But good to know for future reference.
  2. Good news! For the heck of it, I removed the back panel (and therefore battery) from the remote control panel. After resetting the battery in place, the panel came up and everything is working fine (even the physical controls on the hot tub itself). Phew!
  3. Yesterday we drained and refilled our 2018 Hot Springs Envoy NXT. I simply pulled the breakers, drained the water as usual, cleaned the filters, etc. Then I refilled the tub. After powering back on the tub, I noticed that the control panel (the touch panel remote) only shows a battery indicator and the current temperature. That seemed odd to me. The other thing that I noticed was that the two physical buttons underneath the control remote aren't working as I'd expect. If I press Jets, the jets come on at the lowest setting (very low), but I then can't cycle to a higher setting or turn them off. Also, same thing with the lights. I can turn them on, can't turn them off. I've tried shutting the tub off, waiting 30 seconds, turning it back on, several times, but nothing is changing. Fortunately, overnight the tub DID come up to temperature (103). I thought maybe since it was cold maybe the limit tripped or something, but it wasn't that cold (high 30's) here yesterday, and according to the manual if the limit trips the blue light would be be blinking. Right now the blue light is solid, and the top light (yellow? green? I'm partly color blind) is blinking. I put in a service request but am hoping it's just something silly that needs to be reset.
  4. I just cleaned them this weekend (drained/refilled the tub). I didn't chemically nuke them or anything, but they still look brand new and the tub gets light usage by just myself. The thermistors are inserted near the heater, correct? The green "ready" light on the control panel is lit, even when the water temperature isn't hot enough according to my thermometer. That leads me to think the thermistors aren't measuring the temp correctly. I would think that if the filters were clogged, the spa wouldn't be able to get warm enough, and the green ready light wouldn't be on? Although, if the water isn't circulating properly, then the water near the heater would be warmer than the reset of the tub. Perhaps I should just yank the left filter (the always "on" one) for a while and see what happens? Last night I cranked the temp on the control panel up over 104 using the "override" settings, and this morning it did bump up a few degrees. Are the probes easy to remove? If I pull them out, is water going to go everywhere? What would the process be? Power the spa down, clamp the hoses leading to the heater, replace the thermistors, and power it back up? .. but when is the last time they were thoroughly cleaned. Take the circ pump filter out overnight and see what that does.
  5. Hmm, I did check and the summer cycle mode is definitely not set. The filters are actually less than a year old. Is the temp sensor easy enough to replace on my own?
  6. Last summer my 2000 Hot Spring Prodigy's heater failed (the tub went cold). I had the local spa company come out and they determined the heater to be faulty, and replaced it with a newer unit (that looks smaller, but the repairman insisted it was a newer better unit). Then early this summer, the tub started to get WAY too hot (uncontrolled, around 110 before I shut it off). The spa company came back, and replaced the regular and high limit thermistor. Now I'm noticing that the tub, even though it's set at 104 degrees, will not heat to above 100 degrees (more like 99 or so). I verified this with two different thermometers, and it definitely does not "feel" 104 degrees. Does anyone know if this is something I can adjust or fix on my own? Tonight I've enabled the 'override' settings and have pushed it up a few degrees, I want to see if that helps in the morning. But it would be nice if the digital readout were correct.
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