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  1. Artic Spa Summit. For a while i was having endless problems with my spa but apart from pump one having to be replaced the other week i have had a great winter with my spa, very little maintaince. Last year we were having problems with the calcium build up around the electrodes so James advised me to use Best Defence and gave me directions on how much weekly to use and for the past 4 months my spa has been great. I have now ran out of Best Defence and my local retailer didn't want to sell me any. Instead they fobbed me off with a half used free sample of "Scale Free" Stating this is bette
  2. James and Budge James, i am in Cambridge. They did the refit about 4 weeks ago now and everything is perfect, water looks great no foam and everytime i lift off the cover i see the Onzen working, it's great. I hope i don't jinx myself but we are really enjoying the spa now. I have followed your reccomendation for weekly care, 1 cap of refresh and 15ml of Best Defence per 1000 litre instead of Aqua Finesse and it's doing it's job. No problems like i use to have. As for Aqua Finesse, a very expensive suppliment to the spa i could do with out. Budge, So happy you finally got your
  3. James I did the refill Saturday as per your way, last night i have a very very good bromine reading, the first time i have had one within 24hrs of a refill!! Things are looking positive! I will keep you posted how it goes, i am now writing a journal on everything i do with the tub. Thanks James, BMR, All of the six you mentioned i thought the same. Nigel
  4. The Artic stores just don't have a clue. I was in my local one the otherday to buy some salt, i came out $300 worse off. They told me this new Aqua Finesse would fix all my troubles. I am at the point that i will try anything, but upon getting home with my $169 box i thought to myself why should i be doing this? i was sold the spa on the basis that i would have to do very little to it and now they are trying to sell me very expensive solutions. I returned the product 2 days later and was met with a somewhat hostile and argumentative sales person. After reading some of the other posts
  5. bobabooi, I am sure you will have some good times with your spa. My first 2 months were a nightmare, conflicting info from the dealers etc.... I did get about 3 months of no problems out of my spa over the spring into summer, it was great. But it came to an end. Mainly due to an elctrode isssue which is being worked on. Like yourself, i believe and still do that i bought a very high quality spa, but Onzen does test the patience somewhat. James, It was great chatting with you today, that really did mean something to me as a customer and i appriciate your time and i look forwa
  6. It's been a while since i have been on here, but i retrieved my password and can now once again question Onzen and artic Spa. Today i drained my tub as once again it had gone to the dogs. I have refilled the tub half with normal tap water and half via my water softner. As i needed more Onzen salt i popped in to my local Artic Spa dealer and found once again the whole set up of running an Onzen system has changed again. I came out of the store $300 worse off, though i do hope it works! I was advised to purchase the new Aqua Finesse to add to my Onzen salt, no more excess chemicals i w
  7. I hope i dont have to wait 5 weeks for a part. I have a feeling they have a had a few of these, when i called customer serice last year they were quite pissy to say the least but this time they were much nicer and it was if they knew what the problem was. regardless it's still frustrating. Hope they come soon. Nigel
  8. Im back! What a long winter, i think i spent the whole winter fighting my tub. Before the winter set in, a sevice tech fixed my incorrectly installed valves and everything worked.... for a while. For the last few months i have not seen any of that mist coming from my footwell, i still get lots of bubbles when the pump is on and the Onzen system is on but onceagain it's not producing any sanitizer. I have had several water tests done and each time it's add 2 caps of this and 2 more later etc... When i do the trouble shooting, shut it down and restart with the FD at 0, the footwell let
  9. Hi Budge, My Onzen system never worked from day one but after 2months the store never picked up on this, even after all the water tests! Eventually we called Onzen and they ran me through some tests, i then placed a service call, argued the $90 charge!! Tech came, found the problem quickly, the valves were installed in correctly, they were sucking and not blowing, that caused the Onzen generator to burn out. Once replaced everything has been great, the spa has been brilliant since we had it fixed and refilled (now over 4 months ago) Nigel
  10. Tom, Now i am really confused. I refilled my tub about 4 weeks ago with the previous suggested amount, 1.5kg of salt for my fill. Once my spa was fixed i maintained what i thought was good levels until now. I took a sample to the store, they said my salt was high, they told me to drain aboout 12" of water (depth) and refill to dilute. Since i have done this and added the 'down' as they reccomemded i am now getting no bromine reading what so ever! What i am confused about is that i used approx 1.5kg of salt and now it's reccommended i use 2.6kg, but i 1.5kg my salt was high. Nigel
  11. Brad, You might be over doing the refresh. Everytime we use the Spa now all we do is add 1/2 teaspoon of refresh, put on boost cycle and for three weeks now we have maintained very good levels. Plus once a week a throw in half a cap of refresh and a cap of the nice blue smelly stuff. We are chauffed to bits with it now. In over three weeks i have had not put anything in except for the above. Nigel
  12. Open up the door where you Onzen is located and check to make sure the pipe coming from it hasn't gone flat. They placed my valves on back to front which created sucking rather than blowing, hence no Onzen. Nigel
  13. This is getting ridiculous, what has happened to the moderators? These need to be deleted ASAP. before someone clicks on something that does harm to thier computer.
  14. BMR, I am wondering if the bleach is causing it when mixed with other chemicals. We were advised to use nothing when cleaning it out, a thourough rinse and wipe down. As for the salt being the wrong type, anything is possible, my Onzen was installed incorrectly. It is Natral Onzen Salt, Bromide Salt Blend that they have given you? I am at a loss, i do have the business card of the tech that came to my home, if you want i can PM you and i can give you his number and name and see if it was him for sure that came to your place. Are you getting lots of bubbles coming from the Onzen o
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