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  1. Well good for you, thats a nice thing to do..
  2. it may be there idea, but I hope you do the right thing..
  3. I hope if they are replacing that cover for no charge you are going to return the money that you get for that cover to Roberts. Or were you just planning on making a few bucks at there expense. I would just think it would be the right thing to do..
  4. My stereo auto adjusts the volume level depending on how many jets are on in the spa. I never notice a difference in the radio volume. The speakers also send the sound right at water level. Do you have a stereo built into your spa, or do you have a seperate unit with outdoor speakers?
  5. How many dealers are actually affected by this in the U.S. I know there was a dealer in N.J. but were there any others? maybe 3 or 4? I bet there are dealers that sell more spas per year than that company made. Does anyone know a dealer that actually sold these spas?
  6. Let this be a reminder to everyone out there. Be good to your children. Hug them, tell them you love them and support them thru there lives. Laugh at there knock knock jokes, and dont get upset about milk that has hit the floor. Do whatever you can to pick them up when they fall down, make a mistake or simply need a shoulder to cry on. For as it is always said, when you get old they will treat you the same way that you have treated them, Or worse!! they could buy you a spa in a box...
  7. First turn the breaker on and see if it powers up. Display should light up. If it does light up great, turn breaker off and fill and see if it will hold water. If it holds water turn it on and see if pumps run and heater indicator comes on. Sometimes pump can get stuck after sitting a while which can be broke free by hand. I would not worry about the ozonator that can be replaced later or not at all. If the breaker trips right after you turn it on some troubleshooting is required. Goto www.maaxspas.com and use the dealer locator to see you is in your area. There dealers will have the parts since Maax is the ones who manufacture the spas now. good advice! Actually, not to confuse things, but Maax does not make them now, but did then. Actually Maxx does make them. They were just paying for the name Coleman to put on them. They simply no longer have the name Coleman, but they are the ones that made the spa and actually still do.
  8. Things are getting tough and tensions are running high these days. We all remember the term "Going Postal" I hope they dont have to come up with a term like the guy "Spa-ed out" There was a shooting Yesturday at Baystate pool company.. http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/Fatal_..._company_012809
  9. There is a customer on here that just posted a thread about a problem with a Cal Spas that they own. Before you buy one you should get in touch with them and see how Cal Spas handles there service situation. Will they step up to the plate? or will they do what we all expect...
  10. razzo, I hope someone can help you out with that code. But please dont let Cal Spas off the hook so easy. I understand that the dealer you bought it from is no longer there, But the warranty you purchased was a manufacturers warranty not a dealer warranty. You most likely have years of parts and labor left on that warranty, Dont write it off just yet. You should call Cal Spas and see if they will help you. They are required to find you a service center or at least help you over the phone and provide any parts needed. Call them and explain the situation you are in. Please let us know how you make out and how they handle the call. There are many that will benifit from your knowledge gained from how they treat you as a customer. Remember, Cal Spas gave you the warranty, not the dealer. I wish I could answer your question. But but call them today!
  11. Great job! That is a good looking indoor inatallation. What did you make the ceiling ouy of, is that copper?
  12. You may have lucked out! I think that is a much better spa. OP373126 Is a correct Sundance serial number. That is for an Optima that was built and put into service in January of 2000. It is in Emerald Green Acrylic with a sierra red cabinet.
  13. Hi Oasis, Funny thing I was just in a store last week called Oasis that sells Hot Springs and Limelight. The insulation from what I understand has changed in Limelight, maybe one dealer didnt know that. This dealer I was in also was a Caldera dealer. Some x-employees I met in another town from that store said the reason they dumped the Caldera line was due to the large amount of shell issues that they had and how many spas they had to replace. The jets were also a problem. They chose Bullfrog to replace the caldera line. Noone will have detailed info on Limelight yet, it is still to new. Give it a few years and the results will be in. The guy that was out fixing the spas was a recent Hot Springs rep that has now become a tech for the company since loosing his rep job. Kinda sad, They fired the good sales people and techs and now took away the bonus and health care from the others. This economy is hitting these small stores hard.. I hope they all survive..
  14. There is no such thing as a cheap Jerk! You are a potential spa customer and there are many options out there. Try to find the spa that really fits you needs the best and then try to get the best deal on that spa. If it ends up being more than you can afford, then look at your second choice. Dont jump right from an A spa to a D spa. Do your best to get whatever spa brand and model you feel is best for you. There are a few good brands out there, but they are only as good as the local dealer and support. Check out Hot springs, D1, and Sundance. Start there find the best you like and see if you can afford it. I dont mean the off brands that there parent companies may own. Just check out those three first. Understand what Limelight is, its a low end spa built by a high end name. I know I will get hit for this but it is true. It is a brand that is really only a year old, it is not a tested brand. In that first year they have changed the insulation, delt with lighting problems, and worked thru mechanical problems. This spa was designed with low cost materials like metal frames and is being outsourced in Mexico to take advantage of lower labor costs. It was intended to be a low end Watkins brand. Why do you think the salesmen talk about lights and not the other koolaid tactics that watkins is famous for.. It is a price spa only.. Sizzle and no steak. It is backed by a good company, if it was not it would have failed allready. I would never suggest that anyone buy a car or tv or any appliance in the first year or years it is made, hell we dont even know if it will make it past the warranty. Take your time, I believe the deals will only get better over the next few months.
  15. That is not a Sundance Serial number.. Did you get this yourself or did they give it to you? That is what I was given by the company...thanks for the heads-up that it's not a correct serial number. They also have a similar D1 for sale, so I wonder if they got the serial #'s mixed up...trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here! I'll post the proper serial number once I receive it. Thanks again, this has been very helpful! The serial number for a 2001 Altamar will start with AL followed by 6 numbers (AL123456) the numbers after the serial number are the manufacture month and year..
  16. It is easy for a customer to get spooked in this climate and certainly understandable. We have seen our share of retail stores closing taking customer deposits, unfilled promises, and finance company funds with them. This is certainly not only in this industry. But good communication is the key. The reason I suggested contacting the factory, was simply to put your mind at ease. This dealer has been a little less than truthful to you already. If you go there and they give you an answer, will you now feel 100% confident that it is the truth? If so than fine. How would you feel if you called the factory and you were told that the dealer had no spas on order at this time. Or they stated they were doing there best to complete the new 2009 spas for this dealer and would be shipping to them soon. Would you feel better about really knowing what's going on? Its unfortunate as a simply return call as promised would have resolved this in the first place.
  17. I am glad to hear you took my advice and made the call. That is one great thing about Sundance, They keep good records and as you can see even someone interested in buying a used spa can call the company and get help from a representative there. I hope Colie does the same as the serial number they were given is not correct.. Good luck with your search for a new spa, and from the sounds of it a reputable dealer.
  18. This is a good Question When I paid for the spa 0n 12/20/08 he told me they were down for the holidays and he would get back to me on 1/6/09 about a timeframe. I didn't hear from him and went in on 1/17/09. He told me he would talk to them on Tuesday 1/20/09 as Monday was the MLK holiday and he would call me after he talked to them at the factory. I called them back 2 hours ago the man I was dealing with was not there. I was transferred to the person who handles the orders. She told me she would look into it and call me right back. Still no call. If you had ordered a spa from me on Dec 20 that I did not have in stock, most likely I would not see that spa until sometime in February. But We would have told you that ahead of time. I like you would be concerned here not because of the timeframe,but due to the lack of responses from your dealer. It only takes a minute to follow-up on an order and get a status. I would also think the woman that handles the orders should be able to answer that question while you are on the phone with her. I think a simple call to marquis would answer your questions.
  19. That is not a Sundance Serial number.. Did you get this yourself or did they give it to you?
  20. I assume The dealer ordered a spa for you. What was the estimated delivery date given to you when you ordered the spa? You also can always call Marquis and Discuss the situation with them. They should be able to tell you if that spa is on order, and an apx delivery time from them to the dealer. It is tough at times to get spas in January due to shutdowns and holidays, I am not sure how marquis operates, but you can always ask them for peace of mind..
  21. Yup, I just checked out Ebay, It is where all the "High End Spas" hang out. Available Today: Futura Spas Spa-n-a-Box Blue Water Spa 2 Go Sportsstuff Bio Tech Spa Suffolk Dream Maker
  22. we hear all the time about the great return policy that Costco has. I would thaw out that spa and simply return it for a refund.
  23. I have seen many colors over the years. Some great and some not so great. The old Burnt orange comes to mind... or mauve and teel. I dont believe that the Black is unpopular. It is just new industry wise. The white has been around forever. It is a classic. I remember when some brands only offered white. There are many pictures out there of white spas, most likely because they have been selling them for 30+ years. The black or graphite is fairly new and has only been around for a couple of years. I dont even think a denali came in that color 2 years ago. In a few more years you will see many installation photos in the blacks, Golds etc. Myself I think the copper color on a mahogany cabinet is a great combination. I hope to retire to Kauai soon!! These winters are a killer..
  24. I would be concerned also. As someone else here posted, there is a big difference between a 2001 and a 1997. My first suggestion would be to contact your local Sundance Dealer. All dealers have access to the Sundance data base. They can look up that spa by the serial number. It will give them the name of the original owner, the town they lived in, the manufacture date and the Real Delivery date. You will know the true date the spa was put into service. You may even be able to post that serial number on here and someone could look it up for you. A dealer can also contact Sundance and find out the store that spa was sold thru. If you then contacted that store they may have a complete service record of that spa. I believe knowing the facts and the history of that spa may help your discussions with the company you purchased it from..
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