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  1. Lifespring Spas

    I bought my Lifespring Spa back in Oct of 2005 from the Santa Clara, CA, store which is actually owned by TNT Global Enterprises, Inc., an independently owned and operated store. For details see my post from that date. First let me say that we are happy with the spa and fairly happy with the dealer. We had a problem with a valve not being installed correctly during manufacture, but the dealer came to my house and fixed it with minimum delay and at no charge. We also had a problem with the city of Fremont when we tried to get a permit for the electrical hookup. The city insisted on a spa cover that had passed a safety test that included being walked on and locking to keep kids out. They required an official industry standard safety sticker with the proper rating. At first the dealer refused, saying that each city had different rules and that they couldn't be expected to comply with all the codes. We escalated to the manufacturer and soon the dealer agreed to supply a cover upgrade with the required safety sticker in place at no extra charge. It took them a month, but they did it. We have had no other problem and the spa has performed to our satisfaction ever since. Cheers, George
  2. Lifespring Spas

    Before I start telling my story, let me preface it by saying it has a happy ending so far. We went for the LifeSpas presentation about two months ago, and decided to buy a spa from them. We had investigated several companies in the previous three weeks and were prepared with what we wanted and how much it would likely cost. I had checked with the Better Business Bureau, and LifeSpas Inc. was rated "A". They had only eight complaints against them since 7/16/1999. Five complaints where they agreed to perform according to their contract, and three complaints where they refused to adjust, relying on the terms of the agreement. This looked like a pretty good track record to me. When they offered the deepest discount to customers who paid cash at the end of the presentation, we foolishly gave them a check for half the total, $2,500, for a model LS 7000 with a foot dome option which included four extra foot jets. I say foolishly, because we could have paid by credit card, and been totally safe, but we were greedy and wanted an extra discount for cash. The only thing we changed on the contract, was to add a guarantee that the spa would be delivered in six weeks. The next morning I was horrified at what my greed had exposed me to. Perhaps we had been the target of an elaborate scam! When I looked more closely at the contract I signed, it was on California Custom Spas letterhead, with Lifesprings Spas listed in the first sentence, but reading more closely, I realized that it was actually a contract with TNT Global Enterprises, Inc., an independently owned and operated store! To my horror, I could not find a business license for TNT Global Enterprises, Inc., and they don't seem to be listed with the Better Business Bureau! This was a non-revocable contract. What had I done? But to my shock, the spa was delivered 10/7/2005, one week late. It looks super! and they threw in a years chemicals and a $225 multicolor LED light for being a week late. Now if I can just get the 220 hooked up...