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  1. After fixing my problem with broken suction covers, I now have many jets not working in my 2008 H2X swim spa. Leaf debris, I suspect. Any tips on how to fix this?
  2. For years Ive been trying to find replacement suction covers for the broken ones on our 2008 H2X Masterspa. I ordered the ones described as pre 2009. but they are too small. After failing to find ones that fit and being told it might be replumbed to take another fitting, I decided to try my own Fix. By cutting about 1/8 inch off of three of the four splines that the cover attaches to, the smaller suction covers fit well. The part number for the new (smaller) suction cover is 30231U-LG. It is VGB compliant. You will need to use the original screws or find the replacement, the one coming w
  3. WHAT? No One can recommend a supplier for a new tub cover? MERCY!
  4. For a round 77 inch hot tub we need a new cover in Berkeley, CA. Recommendations please.
  5. I think I got just what you recommend. Cost $1,100. Our old cover, 2008, was well worn out. Another post here told of my efforts to save it 3 yrs ago. Now the vinyl was shot, plus one quarter was water laden and very heavy. The new design is much superior. Though it doesn't have a nylon mesh underside. I think that was a drawback on the original.
  6. Our daughters have recent got a large 110 hot tub and installed solar at their house in Berkeley, CA. What sort of timer do they need to take optimum advantage of the PGE time of use billing?
  7. Any recommendations for where to find a replacement cover for our MasterSpa H2X (8 x 12 ft)?
  8. Just a few months later. It still looks great. Gorilla brand is a super heavy duct tape. It comes in two widths, wide and wider. In black only I think and costs much more than the cheap stuff. Because the seams are on the edges covered by the vinyl, and very tight, I really do expect the seal to last as long as the original did. Concern for the vacuum seal may be overstated. Any vacuum was broken with the first tiny hole that came years ago. My guess is that the mechanical seal can be better than tape but largely dictated on manufacturing efficiency. Commercial mailers seal their
  9. Below I show Before and After photos of my DIY to replace the plastic surround of the insulation in the cover of our MasterSpa 2X Crosstrainer (12x8') . The black plastic was showing cracks long ago and I should have got to it at once, especially because the side I couldn't see, the top side, was much worse that what I could see on the bottom. I bought a roll of 10x25 ft 6mil black plastic at Lowes's ($25), and a roll of 3 " Gorilla duct tape ($14). I have more photos and will try later to post a How To here. I have lots of tips to make this easier. As my father enjoyed saying, Don't do
  10. After 6 years the black plastic surrounding the styrofoam insulation in our Master Spa cover is disintegrating. Taking it apart I see that each piece of syrofoam is contained in a black plastic bag of sorts. Does anyong know how to get replacements for these bags? Alternately I can just put plastic sheeting around it but the bag would work better. Any help? Thanks.
  11. clyde, I would guess you've already done something about this. And I would guess that Brian above is a spammer. You may have nearby electrical motor rebuilders that can help with problems like this. It may need just new brushes or brushes and minor dressing of the armature. This may be a lot less than $900 for a new/rebuilt motor.
  12. One week and no reply? Have our pros never seen this before? I might add the water was clear (1300 gals), the pH was very low.
  13. Our visitor did not wash the filters in our Masterspa H2X for many months. When I came to change them they were coated with a sort of green gel like stuff, see photo. This later dried to dry powder. Anyone know what causes this?
  14. Brackneyc, I see that none of the replies above address your concern about electric usage. We have a large Masterspa, 1300 gals with a timer that turns things off for many hours of the day.* When it's off for 10 hrs it loses only one or two degrees and jumps back up within an hour of switching on. Almost everyone believes you should cycle your furnace to go down or a/c to go off when you're not home or in bed at night. I gather that you've not yet determined how much this tub is going to cost for electric. For us it was a big item and the timer saves us a lot.* A night timer might sav
  15. zzmac, Two comments. Note that you want a level base for your spa so the water will be level in the spa. As for grounding to rebar or mesh in the pad, this is always smart. Even if people aren't standing on it this gives better protection, supplementing* the ground back at your main electric box and not requiring that a short travel that distance to effective ground. (all that rebar or mesh) *NOTE WELL, a ground at the spa is no substitute for running neutral and grounding wires back to the main box. A ground at your spa can supplement but not substitute. Also, our local codes call f
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