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  1. I would generally think another month or two and they will really be feeling the hit. Although, I purchased about 2 weeks ago and got a better price than I did two weeks before that (Late August-ish).
  2. Can this thread be saved to always be on top or something? Like a sticky note?
  3. Great info. Thank you! I was wondering if you could add a plug outlet and you answered that for me!!! I was thinking of doing that for an easy location for the sump pump I plan on using to drain the tub when needed.
  4. Limulus, Where is your general location? Just so we can compare locale. I will be needing a very similar setup of supplies and was quoted $800 and $1180. I live in Oklahoma City.
  5. Here is a 3 day shot of the pad we had poured yesterday. 6" with rebar/wire mesh combo and a slight drainage slope (it's under 1 " irregardless of what my photo skills look like ). It looks like a hill, but in person the pad is nearly level. I will have some build up work to do on the right side of the pad. The concrete guy said he does a less than 1" slope on all his hot tub pads for drainage. Then I get on here and see all sorts of posts about it needing to be perfectly level and forgot the drainage! Yikes. Oh well, I will just deal with it as it is! The swim spa is about 17' X 8
  6. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I did look into the D1, but it was nearly $10K more for the 19' model I liked ($34K), plus the nearest dealer to me is 300 miles away. But the D1 does look nice! Unfortunately price was a concern this time. The more of us that get a swim spa the more info we can get out to the public I guess.
  7. Spatech, Anything is possible I guess, but with the costs of energy these days the Sunbelt requiring both a 60 & 30 amp combined with overall price and local sales/service is one of the keys factors in at least us going with the H2X. But I'll admit, Dr Pats post did help give me that warm and cozy feeling even if it is a questionable post. From all the greAt reviews and comments, I wish Hotsprings would have had something in the swim spa line up for us consider. Important thing is that we are excited to get our first spa!
  8. Thanks for posting that pic Peter Smit. I like what you have. I placed my order for a swim spa and opted NOT to get the cover lifter because I want to see what the cover is like first. I don't want a wall and I think that is what the dealer sells. I want what you have in the pic where is folds nice and neatly to the side. But I don't know if simply buying two of these will work with a swim spa multi section cover.
  9. I had a quote for about a 75' run of 50 amp at $800 and 60 amp at $1100 in Oklahoma City, and I would think it would be cheaper here, but maybe that at least gives you an idea.
  10. Your post couldn't be more timely!!! We just decided last night on the original H2X. I greatly appreciate the monthly bill info. That is very helpful to know because I planned on $100+ on the Sunbelt and $50+ on the H2X. The Swim experience info good to know as well. Do you have a cover lifter? Is it needed? Thank you for taking the time for your post!!!!!
  11. Glad I read this post! The marketing on some websites made me think Microban was a must! Now I can save $300 and forget it. If it was free I wouldn't mind, but paying extra sounds like a waste.
  12. Thanks for the pics. Never have owned a spa before it is good to see how easy it can be to add insulation.
  13. But the D1 simply uses regular spa jets to create the current right??? I like the 19' length, but discarded them because of their swim system. I will take another look at them based on your suggestion. If pricing is mid-twenties or less.
  14. Thank you for the reply! That is great to hear that you felt it is a well built spa. I have never owned a hot tub, so I am trying to sort through all the sales pitches. Your opinion from a service point of view is great as well. That is what is all really comes down to and you obviously have seen a lot more than a consumer such as myself has.
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