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  1. If Alltheway comes back, tell him/her to close both of the blue handled valves and rotate the Compool valve 90 degrees clockwise (till the handle points to 9 oclock). That will give you all the flow back to the pool, and all the suction, barring a clean filter.
  2. You should be able to adjust the temp sensors though the menu. Be careful not to over calibrate them. And be sure you are getting an accurate temp reading from where the freeze sensor is. Not necessarily what your weather app says it is, or even the thermometer out on your porch. Freeze damage usually costs more than running the equipment to prevent it. Another note The freeze protection routine in the Aqua-Link (I think) will come on at 34 to 36 BUT wont turn off until it reaches 38. with no adjustment.
  3. Perhaps the mender nut got put on backwards or in the wrong place? With the hose disconnected from the barbed end(wall fitting), put the mender nut on the wall fitting with the shoulder of the nut facing away from the barb, or towards the wall of the pool. Install the hose all the way to the shoulder of the barb fitting, about 1 1/2". then just thread the mender nut onto the hose. It should tighten down and become difficult to tighten any more. If you can continue to tighten more than say an inch and a half, then the hose will no longer hold the barb and you'll have to replace the hose. If the hose is misshaped on the end, you can try cutting the misshapen portion off, 1 to 2 inches, and try again.
  4. If you can smell gas after the click, i would look at the igniter.
  5. Does your cleaner have a backup valve? That should be taking care of a sticking problem. If your unit is getting stuck from the suction of the main drain, You probably dont have a VGB drain cover installed, and should do so for safety reasons.
  6. Not sure that you have a (chemistry) problem... Ever poured a glass of water from the tap and its "milky"? But if you let it stand for a minute it clears up? You may have, for what ever reason, a bit of air in the system and when you turn on the pump that air goes through the pump and eventually gets to the tub after being churned up into a milky froth, if you will.... You state that it "makes the water milky for a short time". My guess is that it is air, and it eventually clears out. Otherwise, in a spa, i dont think a true milky condition would clear out in a "short time". Now if what you think you have is an (air) leak, I would look at everything (plumbing wise) from the pump inlet threads or connection back to the tub (suction side). Also check the pump shaft seal. I have had seals pull air before. Yes, i know, the shaft seal is in a predominately positive pressure area, but it does happen! Especially if the seal is leaking just a little bit. Check the area around the seal after the pump has been off all night for wetness.
  7. You should have gotten some paperwork with the cell that explains how to change the, or how to tell the unit what cell you have. I believe you need to use either AL-0 or AL-1. Not sure though, been a long time since i worked on one of those. Sorry, i'm no help.. That looks like an old Aqua-Rite
  8. Check sensor wiring for rat chewed. Remove sensor and inspect.
  9. Show exactly where you connected the heater wires at the Intelliconnect.
  10. Voltage at one leg of the firemans switch is normal. Board sends 24~32 V out to the safety switches and if it comes back, Ign can proceed. If you have lost the display, may be the board. Here is an excellent repair facility for that board.
  11. Just an FYI, I believe that heater does have a two stage fan. Low fan is used for the pre and post ignition purge(s). Also, Yes you must be very vigilant even more now that the heater is getting on in age to watch the rust.
  12. If your salinity is indeed 2600, you probably did not get much, if any, sea water in the pool. No need to drain. If you get a low salt fault, adjust salt accordingly.
  13. The problem may be the thermostatic by-pass. If it has ANY corrosion what so ever, it will impede the parts ability to open correctly.
  14. You're welcome. Which thread are you referring to?
  15. Do you have a pump speed assigned to the pool filter through the Easytouch menu?
  16. Start here: https://www.rheem.com/product/specialty-series-heat-pump-pool-heater-m6450ti-e-hc/
  17. Does the skimmer have its weir? This is the door at the entrance of the skimmer that usually makes a clunking noise while you are swimming. If you don't have that door, the skimmer wont do much skimming. as far as pointing the jets, monitor the prevailing wind over the pool and adjust accordingly. which ever way you point them, they should have a bit of an upward angle as to move the surface of the water.
  18. Can you post a picture of the "controller". Most are just a valve that runs on water flow(from the pump). You should be able to either leave it in place or remove it (and replace the housing cover). Should not need to remove the housing and replumb with pipe.
  19. Water jets are used for two important functions of the Polaris. To drive it, and to vacuum up debris. If you get debris in the jets they wont give the "thrust" need to either drive the unit, or vacuum debris into the bag.
  20. Either the dam or spillway is not level (higher on one side), or the trailing edge of the spillway is not consistent all the way across.
  21. Correct, the pool should only "drain" when the valve is in backwash. Recirculate should merely just by-pass the filter and return to the pool. Do you get some water back through the returns in recirculate? If so, you may have a ripped or damaged spider gasket in the valve body causing water to leak into the backwash port and drain out. I'm also assuming that when you say the pool is draining that you are getting water out of the backwash line, yes?
  22. The finger screen at the wall fitting, or inline, should be catching all the debris, and a "back washing" should not be necessary. But that is in a perfect world. Best answer is when ever you notice that the unit is not moving as quickly it used to, or picking up as well as it used to, that would be the time to back wash.
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