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  1. I am enjoying the tub. It’s relatively maintenance free. Pool calculator and this group huge help!
  2. For those using the Dichlor then bleach method like me how often are you adding bleach if not using the tub daily? Do you add in daily anyway? Ive been adding after every use, usually every other day, bringing bromine to 6ppm. but it drops to 1ppm by the time I use the tub the day after. Are you all adding the bleach daily then to keep it consistent at some level? last year I added bleach after each use to 12ppm so that on my off day there was still bromine but the issue then was that high that regular was eating away at the pillows. thoughs?
  3. Looping back as this question is on my mind and I’ve seen CH ranges all over the place. I think @waterbear mentioned in the 3-step bromine setup post that CH between 130-150 was advised but anything from 130-400 was okay? Taylor says 150-250 I think. So not sure what I should be aiming for. I have TA at 70. CH at 170. PH 7.6. Temp 102. Bromine with bleach method. Is my CH range for my hot tub okay? Too high? Too low?
  4. Mildew remover is basically bleach. I hear what you are saying, however why would I have never had this issue for 6 months with the tub at 102? Hmm…you know what? I bet it’s because I’m not using the tub at all this summer and it barely gets opened. Duh
  5. The last few months I’m seeing mildew fairly frequently on the underside of my cover. im running my ho tub at 85 F over the summer - like a pool - but I have it balanced and properly brominated. i wasn’t seeing this all fall and winter when I had the tub at 102. What could be causing the mildew? ive been straying mildew remover on it to clean. Bad idea?
  6. So for the summer I’ve converted my hot tub into a faux pool. I’m at temperatures of around 85° consistent. In the winter time I noticed that using the bleach/bromine method I was having to add an ounce or so of bleach every other day to keep the bromine level is consistent at temperatures of 104. However after draining the tub for the summer refilling it and balancing the chemicals and setting the water temperature to 85 I’m noticing that the bromine level is staying consistent using the bleach method for some times a week at a time. This seems extremely unusual as shouldn’t the bromine be breaking down just as it would in the winter with the higher hot tub temps?
  7. Interesting. Good thing I can differentiate shades of red and when I test PH, CH, TA etc. I make sure my sanitizer levels are not high. ive not had any issues yet
  8. Incidentally, reading your post and your say NOT to use the K2005. Why is that? I just got it and love it. It’s easy to use and seems more accurate than the test strips
  9. Thank you! I just got it drained and refilled yesterday. This time I got the proper ranges from the start hopefully. adjusted TA up from 50 to 90 - to account for bromine floater lower PH fall adjusted CH up to 120 PH was good.
  10. Ok so in my case the cover is a 4 inch taper to 2 inch. There’s about 1/2 inch overlap around the perimeter and there is a “foam and vinyl covered flap) that is at the hinge and wedges between. im okay with water loss. Provided it’s not a leak. I’ve noticed on my tub even with the cover on 💯 of the time over a month I might see 1/16 loss. I think you’ve answered my question. It’s unlikely a spa cover will 💯 seal in all evaporation even without being opened. So some very minimal water loss could be expected even without use. Especially as the water temp greatly exceeds the ambient temp and with minor imperfections in the cover design
  11. Yeah but you had a leak 🤣. I’m talking if there was a zero leak Covered tub that was set at 104 and never used would it be reasonable to say see a 1/16 or so inch water loss drop?
  12. True but the water loss (per another post) is minimal and I can’t tell if it’s from a leak or normal loss from evaporation and carry out. I wrote a whole other post about that.
  13. Thank you. Yeah I did finish it thanks for asking. I painted the frame black and filled with a small crushed granite between the stringers. Added mulch around the outside edge and some planters and electronic tiki torches for ambiance. only thing I would have done different is lay plastic under the whole thing to make it a little easier to catch leaks (vs. emptying to the ground and extremely hard to tell)
  14. So been wondering about this. If you had a normal fitting new cover and a temp set at say 104 but never really opened and never used the tub (just an experiment - no obvious questions like like why have a tub then :)) would you still see any water loss over a month? im thinking no, but then again these covers aren’t 💯 hermetically sealed…
  15. Also for a single bather and lightly used tub will I be in trouble if I Skip one 4-month drain cycle purge in order to allow the product seal not to be ruined
  16. Thanks. How about at my next 4-month drain and fill interval? Do you think it will mess with the seal at that point assuming it’s cured
  17. That’s what I’m worried about - his fear of it ruining/dissolving the seal. I wonder the accuracy of this statement. Anyone have experience with this here? I’m curious if anyone on here has used a purge product after a seal procedure and still has the seal hold If there is a genuine concern about the purge products ruining the leak seal that’s a real problem for those wanting to use it!
  18. It just keeps getting better. so I was hoping I could use my Ah sum AFTER the fix a leak procedure/cure period, but the marlig guy says I should have done it before adding fix a leak. can I get by with a drain/refill without a purge one time and just purge at next drain fill? Will this purge ruin the seal for the leak stop? am I screwed? @Ahhsomeguy
  19. Thanks again. Last question promise. do you think it will ruin/disrupt the seal if after haven’t followed the leak instructions I add ahhsum before draining?
  20. So attempting this now and crossing my fingers. Still unclear on a few things: 1) added 4oz of product to 215 gallon tub as I think I may have an Uber small leak. 2) going out every 15 minutes for next 4-6 hours to keep jets on high 3) after that I’ll keep it on low circulation overnight QUESTION TIME do I just immeadiately drain and wait 3-5 days? Or turn off power for 48 hours then drain and wait 3-5?
  21. @Cusser did you shut off your tub after the procedure for 48hs? Also, did you have to clean your filter out soon after it filtered out the remaining stop leak?
  22. How did you wind up “removing” the leftover product? Did the filter just catch it and you then promptly removed and cleaned it?
  23. Turning off the breaker isn’t a smart idea for me as it would allow for potential of pipes freezing (it’s still freezing at night). what’s cussers method?
  24. Also curious. What is this 48 hour hold? Are they expecting the tub power is totally turned off for 48 hours after the procedure??? Or can I just keep the power on after the product has completed circulation but not use the tub? There is no way to totally turn off the recirculation Lastly...how do you remove the leftover product after the procedure?
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