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  1. I bought a small Oz measuring cup from bed bath and beyond and use that for my bleach (well just switched to the pool chlorine - same same - and it has Oz measurements in 1/2 Oz increments
  2. I stand corrected. Walmart has pool chlorine 10% sodium hypochlorite for only 3.74.$. With the higher % concentration it IS cheaper than plain bleach. Not sure about additives. Either way no reason for me not to use this over the bleach
  3. I’m curious about this. The “additives” in regular bleach are unknown sure but even pool chlorine seems to have them too. Here’s a photo. “Other ingredients” just like the bleach... plus this stuff is 8x more expensive than ordinary bleach from what I can tell I’d love to be proven wrong though and if there’s a product that is just sodium hypochlorite without extras let me know where it can be found as I’d look into it
  4. What is the chemical name of pool chlorone?
  5. During this last frigid freeze this weekend we had 48 hours of 0 degree weather and -15 lows. I didn’t use the tub during this period but lowered the temp to 100. It still used only 8kwh/day even in that cold. Amazing
  6. Not sure why the excel file won’t work but here are some screen shots.
  7. I had the same problem. Lots of stories but no actual data. My data is approximate. I don’t have a dedicated hot tub energy circuit monitor display. So what I did was take an average of KWH usage from the past 3 years by Month and came up with a “pre-hot tub” KWH 3-year average for that month. Then compared it to the post hot tub use for that month and subtracted the difference. Viola. Not 100% accurate but darn close in my opinion. if my excel file I posted was active, you could see that each night at the same time I read my house meter and input into the sheet and subtract
  8. True and that’s why I tried to list as many of my factors as possible in the calculation. PS - is the Excel file I posted not available because it’s not allowed to post?
  9. I’ve been tracking via my excel sheet (attached) how much it’s been costing me to run. As a new owner, I was pretty scared about how much it would cost to run (still am a little actually during a really cold weekend coming this weekend) l, but I decided to do some testing so to see if my fears were justified. I’d heard stories of some owners spending over $100 a month which would be a big concern for me. . As there are many factors that determine energy use here are mine: •2020 Marquis 215 gallon hot tub •240V •Denver - February- average high temp 46ish • used about 3x a
  10. For testing my bromine levels I recently got a Taylor simple DPD kit. Is this accurate for bromine? What’s the difference between DPD and OTO?
  11. Sweet. Do you use your hot tub typically daily or how many times a week?
  12. What do you typically raise it to after use when you sanitize (in ppm)? And how long between uses?
  13. Haha well in full disclosure I sort of squeegee off the water from the cover rather than have it fall to the ground + I stand over the tub and drip rather than lots of carry out.
  14. Maybe I’ll switch to adding my bleach daily. Just less per day.
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