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  1. OK, the tub seems to be working OK now. The temp is set at 95 and he temp is 98.6 to 99. Not real far off but at least it is cycling through it's system and not overheating. I stuck a screwdriver into the relay switch and lifted up the little arm a bit, that seems to have solved the problem. It was he high limit switch. ( I did turn the power off first ). Thanks for all the help, I will be watching it like a hawk for a while! Thanks
  2. I'l bring my meter home from work tommorow and try all that. I read about setting the flow switch. I turned it back utill I heard it click ( power was off ) then turned it up about 1/4 turn or so. So far so good. The tub is set at 94F and temp is holding at 96.4 - 6. If it stays at that and cycles through it's normal routine I can live with that. Will check heater on Tues and check flow switch. Other problem could be bad high temp sensor??
  3. OK I started the tub up today after the temp had finally come down. Set temp to 89F, water was at 85F. All the functions acted normal, tub came on, then blower for 1 minute ect.. Unit started heating water and got to 90.5, then unfortunatly I had to leave for 30 minutes. Came back and the FL code was up. I just reset tub and everything is going fine so far after 10 min. The board is a Balboa unit from 1999. I did mess with the little wheel thing on the back of the heater when I had this heating problem, I moved it back and fourth a few times, what does that do and where should it be set to?? also, I noticed when I restarted the tub the high temp switch was on and the heater switch was open ( off ) and tub temp was at 90.5 setting still 89 I never moved or unhooked any wires when I changed the pump, only the copper ground and the plug in cord. Hope it starts acting normal again.
  4. Ok, I got to the circuit board and checked the high limit switch. I moved the little arm on the heater and high limit switch and they clicked. I noticed that there is a jumper wire from the heater switch to the high switch. Right below these 2 is another switch marked High limit ( 2 high limits one on either side of the Heater switch ) there are no wires going to the other high switch, never looks like there was, is this normal? I am waiting for the tub to cool down to about 90F then turning it back on with the temp set at 85F. What should I look for if the temp starts to climb again???
  5. Where would this relay be?? In the control panel or is it a sensor like he one that is attached to the outside of the heater tube.
  6. The pump cycles on and off like it should. It does not stay on continuously. It does not have any programmable filter cycles, it does it on it's own program and heater kicks on when it falls below set temp. I'm going to check all the wires. just seems funny that it does read the set temp and the actual tub temp. It's just not turning off at the set temp, a bad heater should not cause this should it? Also, the Overheat sensor should have turned the tub off, should'nt it?? Thanks
  7. Hey all, I just installed a new pump. Evrything was working fine. Then I noticed that the temp was about 107F. Temp setting was at 97F. I set the temp down to 80F and today the temp in the tub had climbed to 110F!!! What is wrong and how do I fix it? I'm going out now to boil some shrimp in it. Thanks
  8. OK I got it fixed, thanks much. Alsso, I noticed that the motor housing is running about 160 F, is that normal? I had the side off the tub and it was in he shade with 80 F outside temps. Seems pretty hot to me. hat is normal? Thanks for all the help!
  9. OK I'll check that. There were three wires on the old and new pumps ( black,white, red ) I put the old wire from he old pigtail back on the new motor as they were wired. They said if the pump ran in he wrong direction to switch the wires, would that be the low/high speed you are talking bout? Thanks!
  10. HEY All, I just installed a new pump/motor today and got everyting hooked up. Turned the tub on and everything seemed to run fine. The pump ran on High and when it reached the temp I had set ( 90 ) it never switched to the lower pump flow. After about an hour I checked and the ( FL ) light was on. The book says fLOW switch, Where is this switch and what does it look like? WOuld this switch being out make the pump only run on high? Thanks!
  11. I'm replaing my motor/pump combo. the HP rating says 4.8 SPL? what the hecl is that? I found one that should match up right and it says 4.5 HP. Is there anything I should look for in a replacement? Thanks!
  12. Where is best place to get one? Thanks for info
  13. My spa pump motor kicks on for a short time then kicks out. It is not throwing the breaker, just kicking the motor out. When you press the pump button you can here the relay pick up but the motor does not start. When you let it rest for an hour or so it will restart but kick off after only a few minutes. Is it time for a new pump or what Thanks
  14. Ditto on above. The main unit will do most of the work. Keep the pH balanced and some sanitizer and you should be good to go. Also depends on how much and how many people use the spa. Mine gets regular use and all I use is my Ozone generator and a bit of 4 in one after each use along with normal PH adjustments and occasional water additions. Good Luck!
  15. you will most likely need to remove the pump and dislodge the clothing from the pump impeler. You can take the union loose on the suction side of the pump and see if you can pull it apart enogh to see the item. If so you may be able to pull it out with out removing the entire pump. Good Luck
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