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  1. I would think energy efficiency is the top priority since the money you save heating the tub in upstate NY would more than offset the life of the cover as long as I get a 5 year warranty? In that case I think a 5"/3" with 1.5 lb foam would be better than a 4"/2" with 2 lb foam right? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, saw a similar explanation at www.beyondnice.com, also sold on amazon, and may go with their 6" to 4" model. I do like and purchase from www.spadepot and plan to look at their lineup too. Comes down to 6" to 4" with a 1 lb. core vs 4" to 2.5" with a 2 lb. core.
  3. My cover is about 5 years old and extremely heavy so I figure it's time for a new one, or at least a new core, since the cover is still in good shape. Just went to Home Depot and found R10 foam insulation that may work but upon looking at new covers online I see that the cheapest one I could buy is R15. Seems like now it's worth buying a new cover since I'll spend more heating it going the cheap route - I live in Albany NY. To make a long story short, what's more important - the thickness or weight of the core and what do I really need where I live. My original cover is 3.5 inches tapering to 2.5 inches. Thanks.
  4. I've owned a Martinique for a few years noew and love it. The jets can bore a hole right through you they are so strong - I keep them at about half force. Keep in mind it's a small tub really made for 3 people even though it advertises that it seats 5. The 3 main seats each offer a different massage from the lounge to upper and lower back stations. When I move I'm definately bringing it with me.
  5. I bought a Caldera Martinique about 1.5 years ago and the dealer installed Caldera rear cover bracket ripped away from the side wall leaving some ugly holes - is this covered under the warranty? I have contacted both the dealer as well as Caldera and am waiting to hear back from both. Thanks.
  6. Do you need to compact the pea gravel or will the weight of the spa do it?
  7. Thanks Greg, just used crusher run for the first 3 inches and have 3 more inches to go. I may just stay with that or go with stone dust which would be smoother.
  8. Thank you all for alot of great ideas. The 2 X 10s I used were from an old deck so I wouldn't be sacrificing much if I did fill it up with concrete.
  9. Can't fit the truck in my backyard
  10. After reading many threads in this forum I am still confused. I built a 9' X 9" box out of PT 2 X 10s and will be filling it up with stone for my new Caldera Martinique to rest on. I have heard that pea gravel is best although it doesn't pack down well Others prefer crushed stone but the dealer says to avoid it becuase of the jagged edges. Maybe the larger round, 1" or 2", stone is best? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  11. All come with free delivery, cover, chemicals, set up and lift: Marquis Reward with ozonator, cedar cabinet for approx. $6300 - can get the Mirage for $5100. 2007 Caldera Martinique with ozonator for $5900 Beachcomber 350 LE for approx. $5400. Will price the higher Beahcomber lines tomorrow as well as the extended warranty since it only comes with a 2 year hassle free warranty. Jacuzzi J-325 for $5900 but it doesn't have a lounge. Not sure about the ozonator being included.
  12. What did you put under the concrete and how deep - sand or gravel? Thanks
  13. Thanks, just looked at Beachcomber - their (only) 2 year warranty and outside pump have me scratching my head though.
  14. Thanks Dave - forgot to mention also looking at the Beachcomber 350
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