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  1. Just a small bit of info; The "concentrated" 8.25% is actually between 6% and 4% by the time you go to put it in your spa. Bleach sold as 6% can be as low as 3% by the time you purchase it. Liquid Chlorine has a very short life and degrades quickly. I get wholesale 12% and it is listed as 10% by trade due to the fast degredation. We started in the fall to order 19% from a distributor and its 17% by trade. So remember what it is listed as on the bottle deduct it by 2% when doing calculations or using the bleach calculator.
  2. you are going to need lots of hot water ( I use boiling water ) dont use a hair dryer it doesnt cover enough of an area & go buy some liner lock. You will need T-Bead liner lock.Depending on the pliability of the liner you may need to lower your water level some more. You will pour the hot water below where the liner is pulled down then pull it up n try to slide it back into the track, while holding it into the track press in the liner lock. If your liner is tough to pull up go for small gains. Do not use a screwdriver to try & push the liner back into the track. This process will require patience, if you dont have the patience call your local service company.
  3. That bottom will be compacted enough that you can add right on top off it without excavation. We will only do a skim coat of sand, we wont use fine sand in any of the build up process as it compacts very poorly. We use Granular B(pitrun) for the majority of the build up then the final 8-12" is Granular A. Granular A is used up here for the base of roads & driveways as it has great compaction.
  4. We build up with pit run & granular A then finish with either Pool pad or masonry sand. If there is a chance of ground water then we start with crushed rock, 8 mil poly then substrate. You will also need a plate tamper to compact the substrate.
  5. This happens when installers dont place something like water tubes against the shallow end wall to prevent the liner being pulled to the deep end when its sucked into place. When your water heats up it should move closer to the wall.
  6. They are called Thermal covers & are now mainly sold for commercial pools. Recreonics out of the US makes them if you're willing to pay but IMO they are worth it.
  7. I blame the plumbing design considering Ive been repairing & winterizing tubs for 13 years on many brands & take a look at the Coast website & I can count 2 diverters on an Elite Freedom,Zenith,Vantage so your statement is invalid.
  8. Go to your local dealer & pick up a Spavac/Spawand or Grit Getter
  9. A jet can only move so many GPM. Plus your reducing from 2.5" to at least .5" plumbing so a so called 5hp is pointless. The plumbing design on a Coast is atrocious out of all the brands ive winterized Coasts take by far the longest. With the claim of such huge pumps there should be no diverters on that tub at all but that isnt the case.
  10. Gotta love you Coast Folk & your 5hp pumps. A real full rated 5hp motor for pools & spas is about 2.5 times the size & weighs about 3 times as much than whats in a coast.
  11. Im gonna go out on a limb & say hottubcanadacovers gets their covers made by HST Synthetics since the vinyl colour pallet is identical to my samples right down to the order they are displayed.
  12. They ran a piece tubing off the manifold to try and eliminate that. That was done about 4yrs ago not sure how the result was but i havent seen complaints on the board.
  13. Ok, ease up with the sales pitch. Hottubguy, how many brands of spas have you sold/fixed before being at the factory w Arctic? I really think you should search for Toms old posts & learn from Waterboy on how to represent Arctic.
  14. id recommend switching the sensor plugs around to see if you get a different reading. For the heater you need to to turn off the power, disconnect the leads from the board & check the element for continuity with your multimeter(im sure you're familiar with how to do that) If all reads well with your heater then no need to replace. Im gonna guess the relay on the board is toast if your temp set is proper & your sensors are reading the correct temp. @evenfurther this pack is an M7 which does not have a pressure switch
  15. Looks interesting I think this link is a bit better www.MyElemental.com/brochure/
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