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  1. Thanks for the nice post guys it gives me great pleasure to help yall in your time of need let me know if I can help in any way. thanks again JAMES THE HOT TUB GUY.
  2. You need to contact me i can help you drop me a email premierhottubs@etcmail.com
  3. You need to contact me i can help you drop me a email premierhottubs@etcmail.com
  4. Its not the circuit board contact me when you can I can help to much to list and to many questions to type send me a email premierhottubs@etcmail.com
  5. contact me I can help premierhottubs@etcmail.com I have helped a lot a people on here I just don't have a lot of time to be emailing back and forth its easier just to call me email and I will email you my phone number
  6. It is too much to get into there are to many question i have too get answered i dont have time to post back and forth thats why i ask them to drop me a email then i give them my number or i call them what would take days for me to do by email i can get done in 5 minutes on the phone and i am not a spammer i dont ask for anyything in return i just dont like seeing people getting rip off by techs that dont have a clue about what they are doing I read these post and laugh at most of the these so called spa gurus
  7. Two things you connot check the fuses in the board you need to pop them out then check them too see if they are bad if they are not then check the transformer hope this helps.
  8. Yes I do you have an old tub 1992 or earlier sundance spa. Probably a 724 control system was the most common in front of that spa you should have 2 sliding doors at the top right and bottom left there are magnets so when you close the doors the magnets tell the control system that the doors are shut if it is not picking up the magnets it will not turn on take my advice cut the wires and wire them together not too each other each magnet has two wires wire the two together turn power on that should fix you right up.
  9. I can help contact me premierhottubs@etcmail.com
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