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  1. Many thanks for your input - we ended up buying the intex saltwater system last summer and it works great. Everything became so much easier! So thanks all those who helped us decide..
  2. thanks for the model number - you didn't answer the second part of my post though....
  3. Many thanks Mumpelnc for your very useful link, and Strannik for your offer. I've been to the site http://www.chlorenaturel.fr. They don't mention if it's okay for small (ours is 15m3) above ground pools, they don't mention the models RPMINI or RP15, and they don't give prices - I think they may only sell to distributors, but I've written to them to find out. What makes these models better than an Intex and how much do they cost? Also presumably from the States there would be shipping costs...
  4. Many thanks again for your replies, it is really appreciated. I have to say it does seem worth a try. I don't think I can try the RPMINI, or RP15, as I'm writing from France, unless you know a distributor here (I can buy Intex here). Anyway, I will give feedback as to how it goes...
  5. Many thanks for your replies. It's great to get good news about it from Ronald and obviously less great to hear from Strannik many people have problems with the Intex Saltwater system. I see Strannik you are an expert in saltwater chlorination - a 16ft Intex above ground pool is only small (15m3) and cheap and it seemed appropriate to install an Intex system for it at not too great expense - wouldn't anything else be overkill? What are people's problems with them, it would be great to find out from you if you wouldn't mind... Again, many thanks
  6. We have a 16ft Intex above ground pool, and are wondering about transferring from chlorine to a salt water system. Intex now do their Intex Saltwater Pool System, and we're wondering if anyone has any experience with it... Any thoughts gratefully received, Many thanks in advance