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  1. I think the hurricane straps are exactly what we need. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. With that price and the whole idea of trying to get a new "skin" over the foam does not sound easy at all. I've been looking online and I've seen sites that charge that much for a whole new cover. I think I need to do some more research locally and online. Are there any recommended online sites? Thanks!. You know, the only thing really wrong with the cover is the straps. They're pulling out and fraying. we always strap th cover down or else the wind blows it open. Any suggeations on repairing the straps?
  3. We have a Sundance Chelsea spa and the straps on the cover are shot. They are pulling away from the main body of the cover. We bought the spa and cover at The Great Escape and they're telling us to make a drawing of the curve of the corners and measure the position of the straps and for $375 we can get a new covering that will slide over the existing ...whatever it is, foam or whatever that's inside the existing cover. Is this how it's done?
  4. Do you leave the lid open or closed when adding chemicals?
  5. We have a two year old Sundance Chelsea that is all of a sudden kicking out the breaker. It's happening at the hot tub, not the main panel. Any ideas?
  6. So would you get in if the FC was 9.5? I really want to get in tonight, but don't want to if it's not healthy.
  7. Is there a point where the chlorine level is too high to get into the tub?
  8. We're using dichlor. What is a bubble cover?
  9. All of a sudden our headrests seem to be deteriorating. The tub is a year and a half old. Should this have happened so quickly? I thought we were doing a pretty good job of maintaining everything. We've been using the tub mostly at night for a while and really didn't notice this happening until today when we were changing the water. I'm thinking there is nothing to do but replace them, but how can we keep this from happening again?
  10. Ours is white pearl and if I had it to do over, I'd get a darker color. Not because is shows marks or anything, but because of the glare from the sun. It can be blinding.
  11. The tech's been out 4 times and still can't figure it out. It only comes on when pump 2 is on.
  12. We've had our Sundance Chelsea for about a year. Unless the waterfall is on we get an F1 code. We've had the technician out several times and he's changed different things and nothing seems to stop this code. DH talked to him this morning and he said he talked to Sundance and they say to just keep the waterfall on. Tech says we shouldn't have to do that, so they say try turning on different jets. Huh? When we're in the tub we have the jets on, but unless the waterfall is on, we get the F1 code. Our concern is that the tub is going to be a year old and they're going to say that it's out of warranty. (Actually, I'm not really sure how long the warranty is.) Is the F1 code really a problem? We're not even sure about that. We just know that according to the book, it's not supposed to be there.
  13. Just wanted to let you know, we have the Sundance Chelsea and love it. DH is 6'4 and I'm 5' and if works really well for both of us. We both have our favorite seats, but I move around depending on what area of the body I want the jets to work out. I will tell you that you have to play with the jets. You can soften things or make it really hard. The book doesn't go into much detail, but with trial and error you'll figure it out.
  14. Because the CH was between 450-500 we drained the tub and refilled with soft water. I added Calcium Chloride until I thought the hardness was right and then tried to work on the other factors. This took a couple of days and everything seemed to be ok. We were in the tub once 2 days ago. Then I check it tonight and get this. FC=2.0 CC=0.5 PH=7.6 AK=50 CH=110 CYA=Less than 30. The tube filled up and never did get cloudy I've never had the AK be low. I always had the problem of it being high before we filled with soft water. And what's up with the CYA? I'm not sure what to think about that. And should the CC be 0.5 after only being in the tub once? Honestly, we were clean when we got in it.
  15. With Taylor 2006 the PH is deep pink. 7 drops of acid demand brings it to about 7.6. Is there a way to figure what the PH was by how many drops used?
  16. Whoops! Sorry! The CC is 100%. So I shouldn't go higher than 100 on the CH? The book from Taylor 2006 says 150 to 250 which is what I was going by. I'm still on a learning curve here and don't want to do anything to damage the tub. Also I'll disolve the next couple of oz in water before I add it. But what about the other chemicals to be added for chlorine and ph and such? How much of those should be added at at time?
  17. Our CH has been running about 450-500. We just refilled the tub with soft water and want to raise the CH with Calcium Chloride, 77%. According to The Taylor 2006, the CH is now 10. The pool calculator says to add 7.7 oz of CC to get the CH to 150. I've read so much not to add all the chemical at once, but haven't seen just how much is ok. So should I add 1 oz. at a time or is more ok?
  18. What I'm looking for is the cleaning of the tub and jets. What to use and such.
  19. Could someone list the proper steps to emptying and refilling the tub? I find bits and pieces of advice from several different posts, but was hoping things could be simplified in one post.
  20. When we refill with the soft water, am I right in assuming it will be a whole new ballgame as far as what to expect of the PH and AK and such?
  21. Thanks! It took 4 oz. of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to take it from 9 to 3.5.
  22. I put too much chlorine in the tub last night and today it measures 9ppm. Is that too high to use the tub? It's been a rough day and I'd really like to, but not sure I should.
  23. We usually use the tub every other night. Sometimes every night. Two people for about 1/2 hour. When we're done I add 2 TBS Natures Way Spa Shock. I check the tub once a week with the Taylor 2006 test kit and the levels all seem to be in balance except the chlorine. I've been adding chlorine just about every day. Does that seem right? I've been studying Nitros report on chlorine demand and am thinking I shouldn't have to add dichlor every day. I don't have time this week to do the test he recommends, but will next week. I'm just wondering if I'm right that I shouldn't have to add dichlor every day. And if I am right, should we just drain the tub next week and perform the Chlorine Demand test and start over?
  24. My Calcium hardness runs between 450 and 500. From what I've read I understand this is too hard, but don't know what to do about it. We have a faucet with soft water. Should we fill part of the tub with this and the rest from the regular faucet? Or would that even help?
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