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  1. Sorry, I don't know the correct answers to most of your questions. I did want to add, though, that I've now hit the 4 month mark of spa ownership and did my first drain and fill. I added dichlor after the temperature rose to 90 degrees, and then waited a day before checking the pH and alkalinity. I had already added Metalgon when adding in the water. Let me tell you, the fresh water is great! No foaming, and hopefully this time we can keep out those with soapy suits!
  2. Crazy talk or sensible advice? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/t...h_b_472953.html
  3. Some of us use Zodiac's Nature2 + MPS rather than chlorine as a daily oxidizer. You can find more information here http://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.ph...&hl=nature2 or here http://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.ph...&hl=nature2 I still use dichlor at least once weekly as a shock, but my wife prefers to avoid the smell of chlorine, and MPS does not have a scent.
  4. I'm in SoCal, and our cold weather is 50s in the day, upper 40s at night. Nonetheless, I was anxious to see what my first full month electric bill would be following installation of a HS Grandee. Since the tub is new, we use it a lot... often twice a day for over 30 minutes a time. The jets might be on about half that time. Anyway, my electric bill indicated that the Kw usage was identical last month to the month one year previous. Further, electrical usage this year was actually less than my usage 2 years ago. Suffice it to say I am very happy with the efficiency of HS. BTW, Jerimiah mentioned that he'd be hard pressed to find a modern tub that costs over $100 a month to operate. Not true. A neighbor that has had their small tub for over a year has an electrical bill in excess of $100 more each month following the installation of their tub. Funny thing is, they still tried talking me into "saving money" by going with their local "we build the same for less" spa maker!
  5. You've posted in the wrong forum. Try the Hot Tub water chemistry forum.
  6. Where do you keep your spa chemicals and test kits/strips? Is it okay to keep them in an outdoor shed, assuming they are kept dry? I live in SoCal about 6 miles from the beach and it rarely if ever freezes here, and high temperatures in summer never go past the 90s. I noticed that one of the test strip containers I have mentions they should be kept at room temperature.
  7. I don't think there is any need to decontaminate a new tub. I certainly didn't with mine that I got a little over a week ago. I have also read several posts about the dichlor then bleach method and ozone. I'm using a Nature2 type cartridge, which you could use as an insurance policy. I decided to start off with MPS rather than chlorine, and use dichlor as a weekly shock. So far so good, but it's way early.
  8. Thanks. I'll get the MPS test strips. Another question: how much do we know about the safety of MPS? I'm not talking about its use as a spa oxidizer, but rather in general? That is, I'm trying to limit chlorine primarily due to the smell, but some others (like my sister who has a chlorine remover on both her drinking and bathing water sources) make claims that chlorine can be carcinogenic. In googling MPS I see that there are some with skin sensitivity. Any other information on MPS safety?
  9. Great response Chemgeek. Thank you. Since I have a CD ozonator, I'd likely use less than those amounts listed then. Is my understanding correct that the amount of sanitizer present in the tub is accurate when using MPS if I have a chlorine strips or test kit? I have the Taylor K2006, but haven't yet purchased the special MPS reagent. Is that really necessary to do if I am not concerned whether the sanitizer is chlorine, MPS, or a combination of both? My plan at this point is to use MPS on a daily basis, and then shock using chlorine 1x a week. If the tub starts getting cloudy or whatever, then I'd also add chlorine.
  10. I recently got my new Hot Spring Grandee delivered and I'm loving it. Since it has a good CD ozone unit, I'd prefer to use the Nature2 low chlorine option. While I know each user will need to test the water daily in the beginning to determine how much sanitizer to use, I'm surprised by the huge variations in the amount of MPS (and dichlor) recommendations from the following three sources: Hot Springs manual for my 500 gallon Grandee: Use 2 tablespoons of MPS before each use (Alternatively, 1 teaspoon of dichlor before each use) No mention of using anything after using the tub Nature2: Use 2 tablespoons of MPS before AND 2 tablespoons MPS after each use (Alternatively, use 2 tablespoons of MPS before AND 2 teaspoons of dichlor after each use) Hot Springs dealer, typed instructions: Use 2 - 4 tablespoons of MPS before each use, AND 1 to 4 tablespoons dichlor (yes, tablespoons) after each use Which of these options do you think is closest to reality for the "average" user? Finally, for those using Clorox, the Hot Springs manual states on p. 54 that "use of a liquid or any type of compressed bromine or chlorine... WILL damage your spa and is specifically not covered under the terms of the limited warranty". Strange.
  11. Hi Great White, Sounds like you did get a good deal, especially in Canada. Nice! What color combination did you get?
  12. I just purchased the Grandee, and it will be arriving in the next few days. I can't wait. My decision was based both on the reputation of HS, and the local dealer support. Price was good here in SoCal where they make them. Since I have kids, I wanted the "barrier free" design of the Grandee.
  13. I came to the same conclusion you did regarding the way the original poster stated the information. I didn't think that HS was in that kind of financial trouble, but I knew someone would jump on and post the correct information. Thanks for the clarification. Still, is Arctic in receivership? According to Wikipedia it was in 1994, but today? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctic_Spas
  14. Most here would recommend Sundance over the other brands. Use the search on the top right hand corner of this page and you'll find multiple listings of what people here consider the best brands.
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