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  1. Don't know what happened there, I was trying to quote your = So I put the cover over , with the cover laying across the surface of the water, and water tubes to hold in place.
  2. [quote name='Don' So I put the cover over , with the cover laying across the surface of the water, and water tubes to hold in place. Well now I seem to have a small lake laying on top of the cover. It has been about 7 days since it rained, and the water is still there on top of the cover. If you laid the cover across the water, what makes you think that any water landing on top of the mesh will seep through the mesh? It will just lay there with the debri on top of the water. What you needed to do was lower the water level in the pool and allow the mesh cover to not lay on top of the water. Then when the leaves fall and it rains, the leaves will remain on top of the cover and the rain water will go through the mesh. Then at the end of the leaf falling time, remove the cover and get rid of the leaves.
  3. highlt, I just went back and re-read your post, you have a sand filter, I haven't delt with one of those in over 10 years, so I dont remember the proceedure with that. And mine was an on ground pool.
  4. Did I understand you to say that you blew out the main drain? If that is what you said, you don't blow that out. That is below the freeze point. Also, the gizmo doesn't get screwed in until after you blow out the lines. Then you screw the gizmo into the skimmer, put some anti-freeze in the hole and then cap it. highlt, I might have missed it, but what kind of filter do you have? If it is a de filter, then the multi-port valve gets disconnected before you blow out the lines. I always use a shopvac to blow out the lines. Been closing my pool for 10 years.
  5. Do you have an automatic chlorinator? The lid and "o" ring on that might not be making a good seal.
  6. A pair of those with the springs and washers here: http://www.mypool.com/cart/cart.asp?product=FI-06314
  7. Apology taken, but not really necessary. You are right, the guys who did my install 10 years ago did a real good job. (The main guy had been doing installs for 31 years, and is still in the business, one of his guys who had been with him for 15 years just installed my safety cover). It was my mistake to use the "help" of a strap wrench for that extra little nudge on the fittings. I am sure that is what caused the cracks in the collar. I will replace the multi-port valve with a new one come spring time, and continue to disassemble the filter system in the future but without the aid of the strap wrench.
  8. Right, and I am sure that is how it cracked. I have been assembling (in the spring) and disassembling my filter for winter storage for 10 years now. My "pool guy" said you dont have to take that apart. He said just leave it attached to the filter the way it is now and store it that way. I would always take it apart to make it "a smaller package" for storage. To make sure it wouldn't seep, I would use a strap wrench. I am sure that is how it got overtightened. From now on with the new one, it will only be hand tightened. The existing plumbing can be unscrewed from the old multiport, and then screwed into the new one with teflon tape on the threads.
  9. ? Why would you need a pro for this? Buy a new multiport assembly, unscrew the broken ring and the unbroken ring from the tank inserts. Lube the "O" rings on the new assembly. Line up the new assembly and screw in the rings being careful not to overtighten.
  10. I have the Hayward DE-4800 filter with the SP710xr50 MultiPort valve. Is it possible to replace just the spin on locknuts or do I have to replace the entire multiport valve? As you can see in the photo, one of mine is cracked.
  11. The contraption in the garage is a solar cover reel with the 2 stands. You would need to buy a solar cover corresponding to the size of your pool. Looks like it is (past) time for a new liner.
  12. Here is another update. The water is clearing up real nice, I've backwashed and reloaded the filter twice since this morning. On each end of going out to BJ's for coffee and milk and coming home with a new Hyundai SantaFe for the wife. I think in the morning before heading out to work I will backwash and reload again, and then vacuum to waste when I get home in the afternoon.
  13. Guys, here is an update: The grids arrived at about 12:15 yesterday. My wife and I installed the grids in the carrier/frame and assembled the filter and powered it up by 13:00. I backwashed it the first time at 1830 yesterday evening. Reloaded the filter, heavy shocked it and started the start up kit procedure and let it run all night. Woke up this morning at 07:30 to find no movement in the pool, the filter was running, but clogged. Backwashed and reloaded the DE. I do have a slight trace of water from the filter drain plug, but I won't worry about that for a few weeks, I'll take care of that when I disassemble the filter to clean the grids. This is what it looks like now.
  14. Still waiting for the FedEx truck, net skimmed a lot of the yuck off the surface. I think the plan is filter with DE in the system until tomorrow. (Backwashing and reloading DE as often as necessary.) Then heavy shock and use start up kit as per directions. Continue the backwashing and reloading and see what happens.
  15. The filter elements for my Hayward DE4800 are on the FedEx truck for delivery, should arrive soon. The pump has not been circulating since last Saturday. Just wondering if anyone knows the best way to start the system and get the DE into the filter with the water so yucky. The water is just as green as the grass, if not greener, and there is a slight skim on top. Here are a couple of pictures. Any suggestions?
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