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  1. The tile on my 10 year old pool is falling off. I believe it is because the seal between the coping and the pool deck failed (my bad) letting water in which over the years would freeze and break the tiles loose. My question is, is replacing the pool tile on a concrete pool a DIY job? It has two rows of 4" tile between the plaster and the coping that I would replace. Thank in advance.
  2. What is the best way to remove or lighten it? Thanks! It's a plaster pool.
  3. I was at the pool store picking up some stuff and I overheard an employee ask some new pool owners "How old is your pool water?" Without trying to laugh I thought, oh god where is this going. She told them pool water only lasts 8-10 years then need to be replaced. Really???!! I had to bite my lip but if it is true, the jokes on me.
  4. Many times by the time I get home from work the pump has turned off. Can you test the water with the pump off or do I have to turn it on and let it circulate for a while to get an accurate reading? Thanks.
  5. Ok. I will post results when I can but the pool is not yet open. As for last year, I tried to raise FC every day to 10% of of CYA. My CYA ran from 40 at the beginning of the year to around 80/90 when I closed it. Does this sound correct? For eliminating the black algea, what is the best method? I've heard it is quite a fight. I'm thinking the brushing and laying trichlor right on the spot (since it is on the botton at the deep end) might be the best method. Thanks again. Will be opening the pool first of May.
  6. Ok thanks. The pool is not yet open as I took these pictures last summer. What do you recommend?
  7. I have somewhere around 6 or 8 of these in my deep end. It is a 10 year old plaster pool. They are concave (e.g., a little crater) and will not brush off. Thanks. http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f285/schmity1/R1-01509-014A.jpg
  8. I've always had good luck (price and inventory wise) at Leslie Pool. However, I have a store near me but know they are on-line as well.
  9. Well id did it and boy am I sore. I sure hope when I take the cover off next spring there is no grout dripping down the tile anymore. Thanks again for the help! I'll report results in the spring
  10. What depth would the trench need to be to be effective? Also, the trench would need to run on top of the pool plumbing in one area. Do you think this could increase any risk associated with freezing? I live in Annapolis Maryland. Thanks again!
  11. I have a 10 year old plaster pool. I read another thread about rust showing through and getting it replasterd. I have some new rust colored stains (size of a dime) in the deep end of my pool. I noticed them cause they did not vacuum or brush away. Swam down and they are almost like small "divits" with rist color in the bottom. Am I nearing the end of the plaster life?
  12. Well, must have been bad reading on my part. A couple more rainstorms and not a huge drop as I indicated. Thought it was weird. Thanks for the feedback. Oh, and on the flight path, that is interesting. The planes to BWI airport do go over our house. I haven't noticed the streaks on the gutters but boy is it on the white fiberglass boats at the marina!
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