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  1. Any Caldera C45 owners? We bought one recently bu the cover hangs over about 1.5 to 2". Does anybody have the dimensions of their cover so I can compare it against my cover? Thanks
  2. Caldera Problem

    Is this a new install or exsisting? If it new install make sure the nuetral wire going to the spa is in the nuetral load screw on the breaker and not the nuetral bar. Verify wiring to spa and breakers. Exsisting install Pull the wires out of the spa control board and test voltage. If the breaker stays on press the test button on the breaker to see if it works. If your spa has a Black control box with 1 breaker. Remove wires with power off. 1. disconnect the heater wires and test. If spa runs bad heater if not. reconnect. 2. try removing wire to ozonator if equipped. 3. try pump wires. 4 try blower wires if equipped etc etc If is has a blue control box with 2 breakers. Verify all connections. The heater has a seperate board. It is were the power wire go. Look for black burn marks on this board. The heater wires are black and white colored remove them and continue with same test procedure. It's an existing install, about 2 months old. If I press the Test button the breaker, it does not trip. I have a black control box (Invensys Controls). I unplugged both pumps, heater, and ozone from the controller board, still no luck. it does click, and my meter detects the voltage, but then voltage drops back to 0 within a second. I looks at the fuses, it does not look black or burnt, can't see any filement inside because it is covered. Even when I remove the fuses I get the same click sound. If I unplug wires from the GFCI breaker on the SPA side, check the voltage on the spa side of the breaker, I also get 0. It is the GE breaker kit that came from Watkins.
  3. Spa is not powering up. Checked all breakers. When I flip the breaker on, I hear a click in the controls area and my meter detects power coming through for a second, but then the nothing. GFCI does not flip. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this. My nearest dealer is 30 miles away and asks for $100 surcharge (Ontario Canada dealer) for every trip to my home, so I would like to troubleshoot myself, so that when he comes he has an idea and can bring parts.
  4. Have you sat inside the tub? It is the most uncomfortable tub I tried. All the seats have a strange drip with no upper back support. You basically can't lean back and rest your head on the pillows. Looks like they pulled the design together very quickly.
  5. Advice Needed

    Try looking for a Caldera dealer. Watkins makes the Hotsprings, limelight, caldera, tiger river, etc... I found the parts and manufacturing quality will be very similar between Hotsprings and Caldera.
  6. Caldera C45 $6799

    We just got our Caldera C45. I spent of time deciding and we are very happy with our decision. The seats and jets are very well designed. It is basically just a geneva without the circulation pump and extra lights. If the price of the Geneva was $1000 or less more then I would have got it, but we got our C45 for $6400 and the Geneva was close to $9000 (Canada). I researched Watkins, even called there support people a few times before buying to ask them questions about the differences. They said they had 1 small issue in the 2007 model, and has been bullet proof ever since. I was comparing to the Limelight, and they stressed that the Limelight was more of a show tub then reliability at this point because they just don't know how the Limelight will perform yet (different skirts, frame, insulation) The jets are powerful and therapeutically placed. The large foot well makes it accommodate 4 adults easily. For a picky person, I could not be happier.
  7. Limelight Spa

    I have been thinking about purchasing a Limelight pulse. Visited 2 dealers both have contradicting info regarding the insulation. I have it down to 2 models, the pulse, and a similar Caldera unit. Since both model are sold by the same dealer, I that I would get an un bias opinion. One dealer suggests that the pulse insulation is several steps below the caldera and the other dealer indicates the opposite. The Caldera model is a C45, much like a Geneva but without a circ pump, a few jets, and the fancy lights. Anybody have any detailed information on the Limelight. Since the C45 does not have a circ pump I am leaning towards the pulse. The price difference is $1000 higher for the pulse (6400 vs 7400 canadian).