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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I bought the 2000 Hot Springs Classic and it will be delivered tomorrow. My electrician has wired spas before but I think he always used the standard single 50 amp gfci that most spas use (you can buy those pre-made spa panels from Home Depot for $70). I would like to make this as easy for my electrician as possible so would you be able to provide a parts list? I don't know anything about electricity so these questions are probably silly to those who do. Obviously I know I need a panel big enough for the 2 gfci. But I don't know the specifics about the gfci (120 or 240 volts, single pole, double pole, etc). Thanks a million.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I found a nice 2000 Hot Springs Classic for sale by a spa tech (it is his personal tub). He is delivering it tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out the parts I need for the panel (I have a seperate post on that issue). Thanks again.
  3. I am looking at a used Hotsprings classic that does not come with the normal panel that Hotsprings ships with it (20amp/30amp). The dealer wants $400 for it. I can find them on eBay for $220 - $350. What is so special about this box. Can you do the same thing with a panel box + 20amp gfci + 30amp gfci. I think this can be put together from parts for less that $220 (certainly less than the $400 the dealer wants). I will be hiring an electrician do the wiring.
  4. I am looking at a used 2004 Hydrospa Serenity. It is in pretty good shape except many of the jets do not stay in the socket. Is that an easy fix? Are spa jets a commodity part? My guess would be that each spa maker uses the same jets from a limited number of suppliers.
  5. Thanks. I don't care about the water level being exactly level. I figured there was some room for play since not everyone will fill to the exact same level.
  6. There are many voices on this wqebsite and we all have our opinins but there is one thing you'll find that we all agree on, Haha. Is that a joke that means nobody agrees on anything?
  7. I am looking around for my first spa and my budget means I will be looking for a used spa. There are several older Hotsprings for sale in my area right now (5 to 10 year old Classics). While researching spas, I spent a lot of time on spaspecialist dot com. He advocates greatly against small constant circulating pumps and full foam design -- both things the Hotsprings Classic has. He also talks about some overheat/UL problems running these spas at 220v causes. What do you think about this. Is a small circulating pump really a bad thing? Thanks.
  8. I am thinking about a portable spa (probably a 7 footer) for my covered lanai. The concrete in my lanai drops 1 inch over 7 feet. Is that too far out of level to put the spa on? If that is too far out of level, could I simply cover a 7 foot square area of the concrete (or a little oversized) with some heavy poly, build a little frame, pour some leveling compound or ready-mix, remove the frame, and place the spa on that? The reason for the poly would be so I could restore the lanai surface if I got rid of the spa. Thanks.
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