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  1. Yes it is possible. I recently had to replace both sensors in a 2006 Marquis because of ice. Go ahead and replace the sensor assembly.
  2. Sidestep. Did not answer the questions. Same old Jim.
  3. Jim, this is a direct cut and paste from your web sites forum. Would this genius brother of yours be the same one who is attacking you on other forums for your financial shenanigans? What is your engineering background? Could it be your basic apprentice background in the Navy? Were you ever a licensed electrician? With whom did you apprentice? Did you ever make Journeyman? Master? If you are going to make these fantastical claims, you should have no problem answering these questions without attacking me personally, or offering to pray for my soul. We all eagerly await your response.
  4. Not "every spa company on the earth", I know for a fact that Arctic does not require any pad, and both Marquis and D1 will allow their tubs to be set on pea gravel. I am sure there are others, but am not familiar with their warranties. Also any respectable dealer will facilitate warranty coverage on behalf of their customers.
  5. No grudge here Jim, you stated that the pump would compress air. It will not. What you have described is cavitation. This can happen if the water level is to low, or the plumbing is either too small on the suction side, or there are to many 90s in the plumbing. Foam sits on top of the water, so if it is being sucked into the pump, the water is to low. If all other factors or OK, I would pull the pump and check for a blocked, cracked, or broken impeller. I would also check for any blockage in the line. No misinformation here, just an old spa tech telling it like it is.
  6. All spa pumps are centrifical pumps and cannot compress air. Water is moved out of the diffuser by the impeller, and the empty space is filled by the water behind it. If to much air enters the system the pump will air lock as it cannot move air, nor can it compress air.
  7. Here is the contact info for Weslo http://www.iconservice.com/weslo/contact_us.html We had a Weslo sales rep. try to get our company to carry there spas once. We declined based on quality and the fact that you could get the same spas from Sams Club.
  8. You may want to try some Swirl Away in the tub, (watch out for the foam), then drain and refill. This will help clean out build up in the jets that may be causing the venturi to fail. You may want to wait untill you were were going to drain the spa anyway so there is no wasted water. Then if that doesn't work, have a service tech. come and check out the system for you.
  9. Gotta put in my two cents here, in the last two weeks I have repaired cracks ranging from hairline to about 1mm in DI shells. Allways on the lip. Three spas to date.
  10. Is this it? http://www.wizardwhirlpools.co.uk/Hot%20Tubs.htm Never heard of them, but did a search.
  11. On the Gecko SSPA model boards I have had many failures due to a defective heater relay. Also the jumper pins sometimes need to be scraped off when the controls become unresponsive.
  12. OK, what all of you are saying kinda confirms what I have believed for the last 10 yrs, at one time I was of the belief that chlorine and ozone were a no no, but have seen them work together fine. I have switched some cust. who were on di chlor and ozone to bromine just because the water would not stay clear. They were not as diligent with their chems. or overused the tub without the required adjusting of sanitizer. Thanks for the input.
  13. I have recently had problems with many Gecko SSPA packs, what is the advantage of Gecko over Balboa? Any opinions?
  14. Try going to the manufactures website, or look in the owners manual for a number to call to get a topside sticker so your controles will be marked. NOTE: another prime example of what happens without dealer support. No dealer, no support.
  15. I have allways been under the impresion that you should not use di chlor with an ozonator as the chlorine and the ozone tend to work against each other. But have heard some conflicting reports otherwise. For all the techs out there, what do you recomend and why?
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