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  1. Cd Vs. Uv Ozonator

    Just a question...my Pacific spa dealer says that CD ozone is just for large bodies of water like swimming pools and ALWAYS uses UV ozonators...he says that the CD makes it so that the PH in the tub can't be regulated and is constantly dropping...any thoughts on that? He says that he's been in business for years and has yet to see an effective CD ozonator for a hot tub. Thanks everyone! Curtis
  2. Help With My Pacific Spa Purchase...

    Well, I did some calling around and found a huge discrepancy in price between a dealer in Calgary and the dealer in Edmonton. Calgary 2008 Endeavor with 24hr Circ Pump - $14298 Edmonton 2008 Endeavor with 24hr Circ Pump - $17092 I've got a few calls in out of Province too...just to see the difference. We'll wait and see. Curtis
  3. Help With My Pacific Spa Purchase...

    The system 3 that they have is roughly $1000...seems high to me, but then so do there tubs, but I really like them. I don't mind paying a fair price, but I think that this dealer is higher than others that I've seen on this site.
  4. Help With My Pacific Spa Purchase...

    The System 3 is a bromine generator, CD ozonator and UV sanitizor package...supposed to make the water last a long time with little effort...
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been shopping and researching for what seems like forever and have narrowed my search down to Pacific Spas. Ideally we want the Endeavor, but the Calypso and Oceana are also in our sights. We wanted a larger tub and tried out the Maxxus and D1 Amore bay, but they don't quite fit where we are putting it. The only issue that I'm having is with the dealer. I'm thinking that his prices are a little out of line compared to what I see others paying for on this site. I live right near Edmonton, AB, Canada. What we like about the Endeavor is that it comes with most all the features that we want...can someone give me there opinion on the 'extras' that are available and tell me if they are worth the extra money? Quiet Energy Circulation Pump In-home monitoring system Ultimate Spoked Jets System 3 - I've heard mixed reviews of this. Can it be added later? This dealer also says to totally stay away from CD Ozonators and go with UV as he says the CD units are for large swimming pools and can cause a lot of grief with the water chemistry. Thanks for your input...we are dying to get out tub!!! Curtis