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  1. ... Spoke with Aqua Finesse representative in Veenendaal (NL) this morning. According to him a pH up and around the 8 is normal. As far chlorine question is concerned he explained that A-F makes it impossible for bacteria etc. to deposit itself onto tub walls or plumbing (and continue to grow out of reach of conventional chems). This is why the tub lining, even the "bucket seats", feel squeeky-clean. A-F, the rep. told me, as a matter of fact "contains" bacteria without killing it, eventually depositing a fine sludge into the filter. Thereby is a proper weekly filter maintanance and a functioning ozonater a must. Also, the rep. described the 1.5ppm chlorine as a EU regulated minimum but expressed that this level does not have to be maintained. I summerised by calling the teaspoon of di-chlor after the soak a mini-shock to zap the sludge-trapped bacteria. He said that's what is basically is and to make sure I dose over the filter for good effect. As of today we have been using Aqua Finesse for two weeks and we have good smelling, wonderfully clear and soft feeling water.... The A-F rep. told me that this product requires a different mindset because it is so different from traditional water maintanance. Richard, I am still interested in your thoughts on the matter. regards, Coert
  2. Hello Richard, Your neutrality is clear and your advice much appreciated. I have a D1 Wayfarer (with ozonator) which we use at least three times a week. We get into the tub "clean", showering (outdoors) before entering. I have the tub set to filter three times a day for 60 minutes. I admire your insight as to the tub chemistry however I do not aspire to know more than needed to maintain an clean and healthy tub for my family. Especially because we often use the tub after a few rounds in the sauna. I had been wrestling with the chems for some weeks after an initial six month period of balance. My dealer offerd (at no cost) the Aqu-Finesse as a solution to my desire to keep the tub clean with as low a clorine level as possible.... I figured I'd try it out for three months. I drained the tub last Sunday, cleaned the liner, changed the filter, refilled and zapped the water with A-F. Since then the water has been crystal clear, aromatic and the liner feels squeaky-clean. Only the scum-duck was a little dirty in the first days but this is also now reduced to a neglegable level. After each use I "dope" the water with a tad more than the advised teaspoon of chlorine. I'm interested to see how the filter looks on Sunday. What I normally do but have not done this past week is religously measure TA, clorine and pH levels. I thought I'd let it ride for a week..... just feel the tub again as it were. The tub feels good. I understand that we want to try and keep a chlorine level of or about 1.5ppm, however, I don't see a pH level or anything about it's maintanance in the A-F literature. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on this last point. I will in any case let you know how this story develops. kind regards, Coert
  3. Thankyou Richard! I read your suggested pros and cons and decided to take the plunge.... I'll post my findings here in the coming weeks and would appreciate your continuing feedback. regards, Coert
  4. Been browsing this forum for info on above mentioned topic.... Seems you people are talking about pretty much everything but this. What are the expiriences with Aqua Finesse? Pros, cons, do'es and don'ts?
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