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  1. so, you lock a thread because you don't agree with a lack of instant 100% agreement. You have no patience to see how the end story plays out? In this world you need to learn how to get along. Which means accepting that there are other points of view, and even in science a fact today may be wrong tomorrow. With regards to bromates, I do intend to read some more, after my house guest have left, and after our fall vacation, just not right now. Especially as our camper needs a new repair, discovered this afternoon..
  2. I recently bought a $20 radiant thermometer at the local auto parts store - point and shoot with laser sighting - it works great. Now that I added 1.5" of rigid foam under the tub the concrete pad is 5 degrees cooler, so I have reduced the heat loss via the ground to some extent.
  3. My experience with the Masterspa Portsmouth SE is similar - there are two things going on. First - in my instance - our local utility PG&E has tiered rates that are egregious. In our last bill we got into the 41.5c per KWhr level !!! And we are a 1,660 sq ft house in Oakland, CA with gas appliances. Secondly, I bought a $20 hand held infra-red thermometer at the auto parts store and its great. Its telling me that my concrete pad is warmer than its surroundings - it ought not to be so warm - so heat is getting from the spa into the concrete pad. The next time that I empty the spa I'll lift it up and put some high density foam under it (once I find a supplier, I know it exists because its available commercially). Tonight we added 2" expanded polystyrene foam on 3 of the four sides, outside of the spa, so lets see how that helps. We had already filled the spa interior spaces with baggies of foam peanuts. And the other thing to cut energy consumption is to leave all the air jets off when you are not in the tub. Because during the automatic cycles (min three per day) they add cold water to your tub and cool it down.
  4. I am in my first 4 months of use - brand new user. My advice is to start simple, use test strips. Use chlorine or bromine as you see fit. You all the rest of your life to obsess over chemistry, if you ever get the urge. DO pay attention to using the"enzyme" product to get the body oils from forming a scum line. It ain't rocket science.
  5. FIRST: energy usage my electricity usage has taken a jump of 300-500 kwh per month now here in Oakland CA lets look at only part of my electricity bill Baseline Usage 166.60000 Kwh @ $0.11560 101-130% of Baseline 49.98000 Kwh @ $0.13142 131-200% of Baseline 116.62000 Kwh @ $0.22166 201-300% of Baseline 166.60000 Kwh @ $0.30507 Over 300% of Baseline 81.49032 Kwh @ $0.34878 Highest kwhr month so far - over Xmas and the New Year W/o spa = 772 With spa = 1,300 this is a family of 2, no kids! Gas heating The rate structure is killing me - as I am paying the high rate for much of my "extra" energy usage. We almost never use the jets because the pumps inhale energy to tun I will probbaly have to add internal insulation. We have a standard cover, and added the bubble-blanmket and 2" thick extra foam blocks on top of the floating cover My newly ordered refigerator and dishwaster will save a few kWhrs - but I am still going to be paying a lot!! P.S. On the Portsmouth SE model the filter pump runs continuously, so Ecn mode - Std mode, effectively. We did set the jet pumps to the 8 hour cycle. And thats the best we cando. Thermostat is at 101 deg F. BTW - I have 5" of expanded polystyrene foam in the concrete pad. SECOND Setting aside the energy usage, I like the hot tub, and so does my wife. The blaster foot massager is delightful. And I do enjoy the lounge feature, though I would personally make it less deep. The Eco Pur filter system seems to lock us into an expensive set of filters, but I am still trying to figure out how the Eco Pur relates to a minimum chlorine or bromine level. I am impressed at how clear one can keep the water. We filled our unit at Thanksgiving 2007 and I can still (3/18/2008) get the water crystal clear with modest chemical usage.
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