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  1. You are best off to take a sample to your local pool place to have it analyzed. It's usually free to do it. You'll need about 500mls (2 cups) of the sample for them to test. they will give you a print off of exactly what you need to add to the pool without all the guess work.
  2. Well we decided on a resin pool, after looking at many this seems to be the top of the line from what I've seen up here, its the "Reflexion" by Aqua leader. We don't have King George pools up here (not that I've seen anyway). And I'm glad I didnt' go with the extruded aluminum because I wasn't planning on sinking it. So I went by gut feel. Zodiac was our second choice! So it should be installed at the end of this month. So I'll probably be asking for pool help questions in a couple of weeks
  3. Ok, went to about 9 different dealers today and everyone thinks their product is the "best" and now I'm terribly confused. Resin, Steel/resin or extruded aluminum???? which one to go with... The steel sellers say never go resin the resin sellers say never go steel. Good GREIF!!! I'm at a loss and really need help quick. So if anyone can post their opinion I'd appreciate it greatly. thanks a bunch
  4. Ok, needing some info on whether or not we can actually put a "deep end" in an above ground pool. I know there are no retailers that actually sell it in Ontario, so I'm assuming I would have to get a custom liner from somewhere else. Does anyone have experience with this or know any stories about this topic? How difficult would this process actually be?
  5. Ok thanks! that eases my mind a bit anyway! my husband suggested that its the pools that they are using and perhaps they don't work well with the buttress free variety, they use Cornelius pools. I've been looking at a bunch of AGP and I haven't run into any "doughboy" dealers. Do they have that in Canada? Thanks again for your help!
  6. I have been looking at above ground pools and went into a store today where they said they don't use buttress free oval pools because of their experience of the walls going wonky, and having to go back and repair it. Does anyone have experience with this - as I really don't like the look of the designs with the buttress'. Any help even if it's a second hand story would be great thanks!
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