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  1. was abble to get under my spa but can not figure out what cluster storm body I need. Looking at it it seems to have a elbow 90d and i can see where another tube comes into it a little higer up. and it looks like it uses a tension clamp to get it there but I cant seem to get the foam i'm honestly afraid of tearing up the tubeing any help here would be great heres the we site that shows the cluster storm bodies http://www.uspartscenter.com/index.asp?Pag...h=GO&Page=1
  2. http://www.uspartscenter.com/index.asp?Pag...&ProdID=895
  3. they are gone completely, were sold then sold again. the only place that i found any help was www.uspartcenter.com a gut there named rob was real helpfull
  4. that looks almost exactly like mine. I have tried to call all around but noone can tell me what type of jet I need. assuming that this is the right one how do i take it out. I read to take a flat head screwdriver and pop it under the jet and it should pop off. I tried that and only successfully ripped the cover and insides out< looked like a small ball with a trumpet> now i have a small cone inside < i will try to take a pic > what else will i need o buy to replace it any gaskets or extra pieces? . I saw a clear gasket type thing that I threw away i assumed it was bad as well. What do i need to have to hook the new one up can someone help me out here please it desnt look like I will get a pro out here noone will come
  5. I can try that I just wanted to be sure it wouldnt hurt anything if I did it its a full foam spa and I have heard mixed things about flipping it
  6. Heya guys new question that sorta ties in with the other. I think I killed the rodent. but I have sraps of insulation everywhere. So I have read to use great stuff spray foam to fix it. but I cant get to all sides Wall a l l the other two sides are open. So my thought would be flipping it on its side to get to the underneith. it seems that there is a bottom of a black plastic tarp material that I could cut through But how can I flip it? its just me my wife and son so it would have to be something we could do any help would be great its a proform saturn 7 person spa
  7. http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x118/mc...right/jet-2.jpg http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x118/mc...right/jet-1.jpg here are two pics of the jet i need
  8. come on guys somebody help me out here
  9. I bought a proform saturn by icon fitness back in 04 never really had any problems with it, However I was in the process of cleaning out my porch and rewiring the tub to a gfi and I left the access panel off for a few day in between days off. Apparently during that time a lovely little rodent moved in. I didnt notice it until I sprang a leak. The best i can tell one of my leg jets in the recliner is leaking. I know that where it is because when the water gets below that point it stops. and I can remove the panel there and see the water flowing Hers the fun I called proform and the numbers disconnected. I called icon and they gave me another number to call I call that number and get a steady busy. I need to be able to find the parts < tubing/jet > so my pool guy can fix this. he said if I can find the part he can fix it. Also what do i use to replace the foam that Mickey ripped out into nests. All around HELP its a proform saturn model pfsb62830
  10. I had though that if i used a 2x2 shaved into a slight spike i could wedge it into the inside of the male adapter and turn it out? sort of like the do to those screws that are stripped out
  11. I never said anything about a pump. Siphon the water - you will be amazed at the suction power this can create. A pool vac hose - begged, borrowed or bought - will be far less than a service call, and you can use it later for water changes. Win win. I have one of those But heres the um other issue, I hard plumbed my pool last year because the hose that came with it kept bubbling. it was clear with a wire running around it. Well my son ran into it and broke the threaded end of the male adapter in the diaphragm. now i have no idea how to get that out
  12. i realize that but i dont have a pump to do that.
  13. but how do i get into it? it seems to be all hard plumbed and i dont see any unions to take it apart
  14. If you read my other topic you will already know about My baking soda nightmare. After recovering from that I drained, scrubbed and refilled. When it was refilled we stuck the hose in the filter intake < basically to hold it still > it filled and heated without a issue. But when we ran it we heard a large rattle in the pump area. The only thing I can think of is possibly the rubber gasket in the water hose came off and ended up in the pump intake area. I went to look at the pump today and saw two different valves one of the left and one on the right. I am assuming that is the intake and output. Directly in front of the pump is a silver control box? and the pump has a large silver tube connected to one end. It seems to be plumbed with 2" pvc. But I don't see how to disconnect it. And when I tried to turn the fittings connecting it the wouldn't budge. And I didn't want to put too much pressure in case i was wrong Any help would be great
  15. i don't have any local places in my area, In the boonies. What about clr would that work? I could dump the entire bottle in and let it run isn't it used for calcium as well? Someone at lowes suggested muriatic acid but from what i read that would be the the right thing that is usually used for ph right? if neither of those would work could you possibly recommend somewhere online?
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