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  1. I have an old hot tub that I installed a Balboa VS501 controller with heater in it last fall. I gave the hot tub to a friend and when he powered it up it would not heat. I went over to his house today to see if something was hooked up wrong since I gave it to him and couldn't find anything wrong. There are no error messages being displayed. There is plenty of water flow for the heater to work properly, and if there wasn't an error message should be displayed. Once the tub is powered up I can hear the relay for the heater turn on and the display on the control shows that the heater is working, but the tub never heats up. I am going to use a multimeter on Wed to verify that the heater is getting power when the display shows the heater is on. If that checks out the only thing I can think of is that the heater element does not work. Any other ideas that might be keeping it from heating properly? Thanks h2oski
  2. 2008 Sundance Cameo Purchase

    Probably not. I still really like the tub even with these jets off. If you haven't already I would wet test the Cameo and see what you think of the shoulder jets. When we wet tested the Cameo I actually liked the shoulder jets, but I only used them for about a minute so I didn't really notice how much I was slouching in the chair to get them to hit my shoulders. I am 6 ft so with you being 6' 3" I am guessing they will probably be hitting you in the upper back compared to the shoulders. Good luck with your decision.
  3. 2008 Sundance Cameo Purchase

    h2oski Did you finally pull the trigger, and if so how much? Cameo is on my short list too. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been enjoying our new hot tub. I ended up getting a new 2007 Sundance Cameo with Stereo, Cover, Steps, Chemicals and delivery for $7250. Delivery was just basic delivery to my house. I had to get my friends over to help me get it onto my deck. He didn't have the covermate III that I wanted so he gave me the steps and I purchased the cover lift myself. I bought the tub from a dealer 10 hrs away. The dealer is getting out of the buisness for some personal resons and is selling off his inventory at basically his cost. I know he has a couple of Maxxus tubs left but I don't know if he has any Cameos. The best price I could get from my local dealer was $9800 for the same setup without a stereo. We really like the Cameo so far. The only problem I have had was with the piece of crap remote. The second day I was using it the remote quit working. I opened the battery compartment thinking maybe the battery might have been dead to find the remote full of water. The dealer I bought the tub from is sending me a new one. I have a Balboa Dolphin and I hadn't gotten around to programing it to work with the hot tub features. The Balboa remote I think is significantly better when it comes to water intrusion. There are two things about the tub that I wish were different now that I have spent some time in it. First I wish there was one seat opposite the filter that was a little shallower. I guess I could lower the water level, but then the shallow seats become really shallow. The other thing is that I can't stand the shoulder jets. In order to get them to massage my shoulders/neck I have to slouch, I am 6ft. Then whenever you move they spray water everywhere. I have a LCD tv a few feet from the tub so now I just leave them turned off. Overall I would highly recommend the tub. The jet action is great and the seats are very comfortable. It holds temperature very well also. My friends and I were in it for about 5 hrs yesterday with the temp set to 101 and it never got lower than 100 with the outside temp in the 20s. It is also very quiet. I can't hear the tub running when I am inside. I have been using it a lot since we hooked it up I am a little scared to see what my electric bill is going to be. Good luck h2oski
  4. Closed The Deal Today

    I disagree with this philosophy. Why should a business that has a territory have a lock on the customer. By doing this you don't allow for competition in the market place and the looser is the consumer. Granted the business is out to make money, but there are several different business models that work. I gave my local dealer every opportunity to make this sale. I wasn't expecting them to come down to the price that this other dealer did, but they dropped there price a whopping $300. I would never expect a dealer to share a profit over territory sale issues.
  5. Closed The Deal Today

    Good suggestion to contact Sundance. I did send Sundance an email last night to see how any warranty work will be handled. The thing is I really don't care if my local dealer does the service or not. It is going to be the responsibility of Sundance not the dealer to have the warranty work done. I read through the warranty document las night and the only thing that they make sure of is that there is a proof of purchase. Here is a quote directly from the warranty document. "To obtain service in the event of a defect covered by this Limited Warranty, notify your Sundance dealer or Sundance Spas, Inc. as soon as possible and use all reasonable means to protect the spa from further damage. Upon proof of purchase, Sundance Spas, Inc. or its designated service representative will correct the defect subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Limited Warranty. There will be no charge for parts or labor to repair the defect, although you may be assessed reasonable repairman travel mileage charges." If it means Sundance has to bring in an independant contractor to do the work I really don't care. $3000 in savings will pay for a lot of trip charges.
  6. Closed The Deal Today

    Congrats on the spa but why wait for a problem to find out how it will be covered. I'd call the dealer who's about to deliver and ask them how it is handled. Then, regardless of the answer, I would then call Sundance and ask them the same question. I did ask the dealer I am buying the tub how it should work if I have a warranty problem and he said that my local dealer would be doing the service. I have had a similar experience with another purchase about a year ago. I bought a boat from a dealer over a 1000 miles away because I saved $8000 dollars over what my local dealer offered. Once my local dealer found out about it they flipped out. They contacted the manufacturer and wanted credit for the sale and a part of the profit from the selling dealership. I let the dealers fight it out and just stayed out of it. I ended up having some significant warranty problems with the boat and the local dealer did all of the warranty work with no questions to me. I ended up getting a new boat because of all of the problems I had and the local dealer took car of that for me. The key here is that the warranty is from the manufacturer not the dealer. As long as I buy the item from a licensed dealer the warranty must be upheld. It would be against the law for a dealer to tell me that I have to buy from them and not another dealer out side of its sales territory. They might not have to do the warranty work, but the manufacturer would be ultimately responsible for the warranty work not the dealer. It might cause some headaches, but to save that kind of money I am willing to put up with a few headaches.
  7. Well I found a deal on a 2007 Cameo today that I couldn't pass up. I found a dealer out of state that was clearing out some 2007 models. The listing that I found was a Coastal and Platinum Cameo for $7995 including stereo, remote, cover, cover lift, chemicals and delivery. When I talked to the guy, the store owner, over the phone I asked if he had any other color combinations as I was actually looking for a Mahogany and Copper Sand tub. After talking to the guy for a few minutes he drop his price to $7250. I wasn't even trying to get the price down on it, I was just asking him some questions. Needless to say it was a deal I couldn't pass up. The other benefit is that I don't have to pay sales tax to the out of state dealer. I have to "pay" it when I file my state income taxes in 2009. The local dealer is probably going to be pissed if they ever find out, or if I call them for service work. Even if I have to fix something myself I saved almost $3000 compared to the best price my local dealer offered on a 2007 model without the stereo so I can afford some maintenance fees. I didn't try beating up the local dealer since I gave them the opportunity to make the sale on their own and there pricing was just too high. I asked them for there best price and infomred them that I am still deciding on other manufactures. I know they would probably never be able to match that deal, but I would have expected more than a $300 discount on a 2007 floor model vs. a 2008 order price. In theory there should still be a warranty on the tub as it is being purchased and delivered by a licensed dealer. With that said though I know I will probably have difficulty working with my local dealer to get the warranty work done if I need any. However the warranty is provided by Sundance not the dealer so if necessary Sundance will have to resolve the problem. For $3000 I really don't care if I have a warranty. I say that now, but wait till I have my first problem. The guy will be delivering it on Saturday. I can't wait to get it up and running.
  8. 2008 Sundance Cameo Purchase

    We wet tested a few different Sundance models tonight along with the Marquis Epic. We think we want to buy the Cameo but I have a question that I hope people here can answer for me. The dealer quoted me $10,164 for the Cameo with Cover, Cover Lift, steps and delivery. It does not inlcude the CD ozone. I forgot to ask how much they wanted for the ozone. The sales person felt that the ozone was not a necessary option. Should I add the ozone as an option? Thanks h2oski
  9. 2008 Sundance Cameo Purchase

    My wife and I will be wet testing the Marquis Epic and the Sundance tonight to make our final decision. I got a price from the local Marquis dealer for an Epic Signature Collection with the CoverMate III, steps, and delivery for just under $9500. I also have a $200 coupon that I got from the Marquis website, I don't know if it will apply though as this price seems pretty good already. They both seem like really nice tubs, but the Sundace Cameo has the lead prior to the wet test. Hopefully the wet test will make our final decision for us.
  10. I have been researching buying a new hot tub for several months now and recently came across this site and I am thankful I did, as there is a wealth of information on it. I actually almost got suckered into the Master Spa. I have looked at Master Spas, Down East, Hot Springs, Vita, and Sundance and have yet to look at the Marquis. So far I like the Sundance Cameo the best. The Sundance Dealer has also been the most knowledgeable,professional, and seems more concerned about my needs vs. putting me into a hot tub. While we were discussing where I wanted to put this hot tub the sales person offered to send out one of their people to do an on site evaluation to make sure they could install it where I wanted it. I thought that was a great idea since it will be a little tricky to get the Cameo to where I want it. They will be here Thursday to check things out. The problem I have at this point is the Sundance dealer will not fill a Cameo for me to wet test. I only asked in passing and didn't push it, as I don't want to put the cart before the horse if it doesn't fit where I want it to go. They have two models, one Optima and Majesta I think that are used for their wet tests. The only difference that I see between these is that I won't be able to experience their lounger. I have a lounger in the tub I have now and both my wife and I enjoy using it. I am 6" and my wife is 5' 10" so I think based on the reviews I have read hear the Cameo lounger will fit us well. Should I put up a stink and demand a wet test of the Cameo before buying it? Based on the research I have done on here the package price that people have been paying is between $9000 and $10,000 not including tax. They basically told me they could give me a 2008 for the 2007 pricing. They offered me the Cameo with cover, cover lift, steps, chemicals, and delivery for the 2007 price of $10,150. The 2008 package price that is marked clearly on the tub was $10,800. The only option for this tub is a stereo and they quoted $1500 so I will be passing on that. I can put together a better outdoor stereo system for half of that. This dealer has a good reputation in my area so I am comfortable with the service in the future that I will receive. My plan is to tell them that if they knock it down to $9500 I will pay cash for the entire purchase. Do you think that is a reasonable offer? Please don't turn this into you should buy this other model thread or a bashing of the Sundance brand as I have read all the Sundance bashing and don't need to reread it hear. Thanks h2oski