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  1. MikeOnBike, Thanks for your detailed suggestions. I printed them out. I will try to have my repairman add the resitors. If he won't, I'll ask an electrician friend. Thanks again, RockyMtns
  2. MikeOnBike, Thanks for the explanation. I have a Jaccuzi Model 335. How could I adjust this up 6 degrees? Would it involve the same kind of changes? Thanks, RockyMtns
  3. I am in the same situation as hottubrepair above: very cold climate. My tub is set at 104, but when it is 0 degrees F outside, I open my tub, it reads 103, but within a minute it drops to 102 then 101. My old tub usually was at 106 to 107 in the winter and felt great. Is there some way to sign a release, forget the warrentee, and get some one to increase my tub to 107?
  4. Neither has my supplier/repairman heard of a change to the 104 limit. Can anyone verify a change to 107? Also, who actually set the 104 limit?
  5. Drip, Thanks for the advice. I will ask the supplier/repairman who sold me the tub if he knows that he can go up to 107 now. I will also ask Jacuzzi if it will affect my warrentee. Thnaks.
  6. I own a new Jaccuzi 335, which is great, except that it is not hot enough. It is usually 102 or 103, and only occasionally hits 104. (I have confirmed the readings with a thermometer.) I like 106 to 107. My old tub pre-dated the 104 limit. Can anyone suggest how I can override on this Jaccuzi Model 335? I realize that I will need to do it myself, and that it might void the warrantee, but I still want a hot tub, not a warm tub! Thanks.
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