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  1. We were down to 2 different spas and wet tested them both. What I thought I would like most was a Sundance Optima which has a smooth marbled acrylic surface. But during wet testing I found I was sliding down and slipping out of the sets and generally having to brace myself to keep in the chairs and not float out. I really liked the design of the spa, but this really worried me. We also found we were knocking into each others feet constantly. And I felt I had to slump down in some of the chairs to relax. The other spa was a Jaccuzi J480 which had the granite look surface to it. I didn't slide out of those and was even able to stay in the lounger (a big surprise based on comments here). The tub also felt overall much bigger even though it isn't much bigger, and being able to rest your head on the headrests in each seat was very nice. I would go with this in a minute if there were not some design issues that I did not like, (the weird higher back on one side, the hokey middle light in the volcano jet in the center, the hard to turn air control knobs on top, and the flimsy style head rests) Oh, it would also be the wet test model we would be getting too. So the question is: Does the surface texture of the tub make a difference in sliding and floating? (Yes I know that wearing bathing suits in the tubs helps cause the slipping and the floating, but there are times they will have to be worn.) Would a granite surface in the Optima solve this problem? Unfortunately they do not have one with the other surface to wet test. Also, Should we avoid buying the 2007 wet test display tub? Apparently it does not get much use, but it has been moved and refilled for a couple of home shows. We would be getting a good deal on it, fully loaded so to speak, since they were showing it off. We're hoping to make a decision this weekend, so any thoughts would help. m jo