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  1. My advice would be to call a professional fiberglass repair person. Regardless of what anyone may tell you, you do not have to remove the decking and shell to fix your pool. To state that "high water didn't cause your pool to crack, an improperly laid bed and low water did", might be a valid opinion, it is not a statement of fact. If the hydrostatic pressure under the pool shell became so great that it cracked the pool shell, I don't care how well you groomed the bottom of the shell before the pool was set in the hole, once the pool cracked, the hydrostatic pressure was relieved, and the excess water was removed from under the pool shell, the pool shell is not going to return to it's original resting place in perfect alignment.
  2. Rico, In most cases the 4ft. deep pools are lap pools or small pools that serve a particular function for people with certain needs, such as too small of a yard to put an average size pool in, or soil conditions that would make a deeper pool to costly, or perhaps the client can't swim but still enjoys floating in the water or water aerobics. Pools like the one that you described as having "a sharp transition to a steep deep end pit" are ideal for those individuals that wish to dive into the deep end (although most 8ft. deep fiberglass pools do not meet industry standards for a "diving pool"), and in my opinion, are a waste of space. A pool that has a gradual transition from shallow to deep serves many peoples needs.
  3. Better Pool

    In my opinion, you would be happy with either product. Make sure you choose the best installer. Check out their work, and their references well
  4. Fiberglass Infinity Pool

    Carlos, To have a "custom made" fiberglass pool you would have to have a mold made for your specific needs. I won't begin to tell you how costly that would be. See if one of the manufacturers has an existing pool shell size and shape close to what you want, and have them custome cut the side down for your vanshing edge pool.
  5. Leisure Pools - Opinions Please

    Leisure Pools is a good choice! In regards to staining issues with fiberglass pools, a fiberglass pool is no different than any other item that you purchase that requires maintenance, proper water chemistry is the key to a nice (almost) trouble free pool. Iron stains can cause discoloration in a plain,white,fiberglass pool, but there are products on the market today that you can use to remove the stains and you may need to use a maintenance dose a a metal free product to keep the stains from coming back.
  6. In my humble opinion, both a good product to install and the installer are of equal importance. If you were a good baker, using the best ingredients in proper measure would be of vital importance to the creation of the best final product. The end result would be something that would leave the customer with a sweet taste in their mouth, and of course they would brag to everyone that they met about the wonderful baker that they had discovered. Along these same lines, a good baker could use the skills that he has learned from years of baking experience to create something wonderful and sweet using the poorest of ingredients. On the other hand, a lousy baker could be given the best ingredients to use, but if he/she does not use them in proper measure or has no real interest in the quality of the end result, his or her customers would be left with a bitter taste in their mouths and as a result it would be more difficult for them to stay in the baking business." You don't give pearls to swines".
  7. Nice commercial rx1rules.
  8. Sandied, A fiberglass pool is flexible to some extent and thus it will give and take with soil conditions. Concrete on the other hand is rigid and although with proper reinforcement it can take a certain amount of ground movement, it could fail (crack) with minor ground shifting. It sounds like the acrylic walls your pool builder is referring to are the perimeter wall sections of a vinyl liner pool. These wall sections do not extend down to the concrete floor in most cases. What he is telling you about not being able to put in a fiberglass pool in your area is not the truth. I think his banjo is wound too tight. Find somebody else. If Leisure is your fiberglass pool of choice and you can get no response from your local dealer, call the manufacturer direct.
  9. Suggested Reading

    Dr. Spa, I can appreciate the time and effort that you put forth in your duties as a moderator on this forum to make an effort to be a voice of reason in this sea of insanity. Things have gotten a little too personal at times lately, but I believe that many pool professionals on this forum share a passion, and that passion is to "educate the consumer" and PROTECT the consumer from those unscrupulous, dishonest, liars and thieves that have always and will always be ready, willing and able, to prey upon the unsuspecting consumer. Whether they be manufacturers or installers of fiberglass pools, they are a blight on our industry and they have a profound and direct impact on the rest of us. Their lack of integrity shines on us all. Some of us choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard of morality and it is only natural for us to demand the same of others in this industry. You have given us a great deal of leeway in the past to express our views in regards to many issues which are of importance to the industry which in turn are of vital importance to the consumer. It is difficult, no, it is not just difficult, it is nearly impossible to not respond to some of the postings on this forum. Things like making a big announcement that a certain company has emerged from bankruptcy so the consumer and those of us in this industry should throw a big party and celebrate etc. etc. etc.. The consumer and the rest of humanity for that matter, need to be protected from this type of thinking, and this type of business practice. If you know that someone is about to be robbed at gunpoint, wouldn't you at least attempt to thwart the robbery? We make our living in this business, feed our families, send our kids to college and so on and so on, so please keep our passion and the need to have some honesty and integrity in this industry in your mind as you decide what content to keep and what content you will delete. Thanks, Don Pool
  10. Viking,san Juan, Or Blue Hawaiian?

    POOL FACTS I'm sure that being a Viking Pools dealer is difficult these days. To state that Viking is in the "best financial shape" doesn't make much sense to me. I would guess that Latham's creditors and maybe even the Stahls themselves might argue with you on that point. It is good to hear that Viking has a group of dedicated staff and dealers working hard in hopes of turning things around. No one in the fiberglass industry would benefit from their demise. Just like you said, a good installer/contractor is the key to a happy customer.
  11. Solar Powering My Pool Pump

    Sunray Engineering out of Florida manufactures and sells solar powered swimming pool pumps. A german company also makes the Badu top 12 solar powered swimming pool pump. I have used these my self on projects and they work quite well. You can buy everything that you need to make the system work for about $3600
  12. No, he did not, I used the word gauge to refer to the ability of a person to determine if there is water present under or around the pool if a sump line is installed under a fiberglass pool
  13. Inground Pool In Freezing Temps

    Jose, It is very important for the pool water to circulate. As long as it is moving the water in your pool the pipes won't freeze. I undertand that there is water leaking out of the pumps, but is there water coming out of the return lines in the pool? Also, most cleaner pumps draw their water from the filter pump, so I wouldn't try to run it all by itself.
  14. Dreamscapes: Maybe you didn't pay attention to the original post date of 2005 which was 2 years prior to the passage of the VGB Act. It was common practice for many years to install a hydrostatic relief valve in the main drain of both fiberglass and gunite pools in many parts of the country when there was a presence of or a possibility of ground water. A sump line was also installed under the fiberglass pool shell to relieve the hydrostatic pressure as well as to gauge if there was any presence of water under the pool.