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  1. Coping & Waterline Tile

    Coping Tiles generally go on first then the tile. If there is a slight spacing difference the grout will hide it.
  2. Aqua Rite Chlorinator Problem

    You probably need to replace the whole unit.
  3. I would offer 2000 you've got the expense of a new cover to add on. Wood skirts can be troublesome if they have not been treated at least once a yr (location has a lot to do with how they hold up) SW they dry out other parts of the country you deal with moisture look closely all around the tub for any indications of rot or warping of the wood. The tub should be a full foam and that usually helps hold it together for moving.
  4. Haven Spas

    If your want to try out a spa to see if you really will use it, why not buy a used tub, Phx and area probaly has more used spas available than any other area in the country, go in the phone book and call some service guys I would bet just about all of them have some or know where to get one and in most cases would give you a warranty. If you decide you like spas and want to get a new one, a lot of the time spa stores will take your old one in trade.
  5. Sundance Heater Always On

    The element will not work unless you have 2 wires going to it, you could only get residual heat coming from the motor and water seal. Yes you can sometimes tap on them and break them free, but it won't be long before it's welded shut again and then you may take the element out a second time. You've got a serious problem and for your safety and others that use the tub you need to get it fixed by a pro.
  6. Sundance Heater Always On

    I wonder if the relay and the heater went at the same time. Or if the faulty heater may have caused the relay failure. Or visa-versa. The one post had rusted off the heater element plate. So before replacement I ran the heater with only one lead attached, figured it was probably 110v. It heated up OK, and other than being slow (probably 1/2 the heat) the timer and temp functions worked OK. So before the element was replaced, the panel/board was still working OK. Just when I switched it, the tried the new, the heat would not shut off. Coincidence? Can you ever tap on the relays to "unfreeze" or "unstick" them? Thanks for the comments. Skeetpick
  7. Maxxus Circ Pump Problems

    It may just be the heat sensor, fairly easy and reasonable fix.
  8. Jetsetter Spa Not So Hot

    But it still will only get to 104 just a little faster
  9. Caldera Spa

    May mean that the spa is in economy mode, restricts the time that the heater can be on.
  10. A 1 HP Hayward is not going to have any problem at all moving enough water through 1 1/2 PVC, pumps are usually sized according to the size of the pool, the # of return fittings, the distance from the pump to the pool or the elevation of the pump verses the pool (head pressure) You should have gotten a manual that should give you more info or go online to Hayward's web site and you may get it there.
  11. Just Bought A Used Hot Tub, Now What?

    Its been rumored that Biguanide can do harm to some of the internal workings of the tub itself.
  12. Sundance Heater Always On

    Sounds like a good scenario to me I know I've had others like this.
  13. What Do You Think Of These Spas?

    The Geloy is the newest Spa sheet on the market, Great Lakes started using it shortly before current owner of this company filed bankruptcy, in my opinion it has not been on the market long enough to prove itself, there are a lot of people with GL tubs that can not get parts for there tubs lots of discontinued stuff.
  14. Sundance Heater Always On

    It sounds like you have a stuck relay on the board and if this is the problem you would need to replace it. It is possible in most cases to have the relay replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new Sundance Board and it should be done by someone that is familiar with how spa boards work.
  15. Are We Being Ripped Off?

    Why are you looking at Gulf Coast? THey are going under...Stay away... Just because there are "BIG NAMED" dealer spas that you are looking at...Dont be fooled...Ask questions... Proprioritory parts? Full foam insulation? Stay away from companies that deal with either of these scenarios. It will be trouble for you in the long run. The tubis eventually going to break, no matter what brand or type of tub it is. Stay away from hotsprings, you can only get the parts to repair the tub from the dealers and they will bend you over, and when the tub spring a leak you are going to pay 50-100 an hour to get some guy out to your house to chip foam away for hours and hours before the leak will be found...food for thought