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  1. Pump Selection

    Has there been any problems with Hayward Northstar pumps. I am trying to decide between Hayward Northstar, Tristar and Pentair Whisperflo 1.5hp pumps. 20-25,000 gallon pool, will be getting a four cart. filter depending on the brand of pump i buy. Will also be installing Hayward Lo Nox Heater. As far as the heater, if I just want to heat the spa will the 250,000BTU heater be sufficient? I don't think I will be using it to heat the pool so I don't think i will need the 400,000BTU version. Thanks
  2. I am replacing all of my pool equipment, new pump, filter and heater. My pool is 30years + and it has an old 60 sqft DE filter. The pool is around 20,000 gallons, kidney shaped - 25ft long, 10 and 15ft wide. I also have two black labs that love to swim and a lot of dust in the yard. One contractor came to check out my antiquated system and suggested I use a Pentair 150sqft filter. I went to another store and he recomended a Hayward 425sqft filter but he did not come to check out the pool situation. I am planning on getting a Whisperflo pump and a Hayward H series lo nox heater. I am not sure on the size of the filter. Pentair also makes some bigger filters. Since i have two swimming dogs and a dusty yard, which should be dusty for too long after some landscaping, should I get the bigger filter or will i be fine with the smaller one as the first contractor suggested? I would like the smaller one since it is much easier to clean and wont be too expensive to replace the cartridges but I am afraid that with two dogs I will have to clean the smaller filter a lot. This means i should get the bigger filter but then I am afraid at the cost of having to replace all those cartridges. Any suggestions...