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  1. Thanks in advance for looking at my post! We had an above ground pool installed last spring. We have had a few issues with it since the initial installation and now are having more. I am trying to see if my expectations are too high or what. During initial installation no nails were put through the straps that go across the pool so the straps started raising up through the sand at the bottom of the pool. The installer had to drain and install nails to help hold down straps. We also had a few areas where the sand "settled" creating divots are these normal? This year we had a few washouts right at the edge of the pool, along the edge and a few "dents" around the edge of the pool. My wife made a map of the defects and today the company came to fix these issues. Not only were not all of the defects corrected, but the broke the attached pool fence and could put the fence back together correctly. Anyways my questions: is it an unfair expectation to expect a perfectly smooth bottom for at least 1 year? Should I expect new sections of the fencing to replace the ones that were damaged? Thanks again!
  2. Has anybody got any good advice to repel wasps from building nests under the skirting? I will be affixing window screening to the vents, and using expanding foam where hte tub and skirting meet. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance
  3. Is flushing a must when changing water? When we purchased our first set of chemicals, we were told we needed to add a flushing chemical each and every time we drain/refill the tub. The only problem is we have only found a flushing chemical from one manufacturer. Is it really necessary each time or what is the general feeling here? Thanks in advance for your input!
  4. When we got ours, we traveled 90 miles to buy a 05 Optima for 2500.00. Which has a dry weight of almost 1000 lbs. We used a car trailer and cut 4 foot sections of 3" pvc pipe. To remove it from the trailer I paid a local builder $50.00 to use him and and his extendable forklift. It was picked up and placed on the platform of pea gravel and sand in less than 5 minutes.
  5. First off, thank you to all who gave input / guidance to my questions. We finally got the correct transformer and at about 70% of what our local dealer would have charged us through a member here. I just got through installing the transformer, just in time for the thunder and lighting to arrive. ARRRRG I hate ups they delivered my part at 10 to eight. Well we'll have to wait until morning to ensure the transformer was the bad part. Again, THANK YOU ALL!
  6. Unfortunately they do not stock the transformer....But thank you for the try!
  7. Any Sundance dealers out there that want to sell me a transformer for an 05 Optima?
  8. The display does not totally go dark when we have the issue, it just goes dim. We do have the "excellent" transformer. Do you know if the transformer was a "recall" item or are they just bad xformers? Could it be a software thing as we have a rev 9.51a oin the eeprom. We have an "ozone 3" ozonator, I assume it is an aftermarket as there are a few wires from the harness that are taped off. Thank you very much for your insights, ciderjack!
  9. Well whatever he did, did not last. Any other suggestions. The tub was moved aprox 90 miles from previous owners home.....
  10. Had my electrician freind come over..power was great. He mesed with some of the wiring and volla it worked! Wizzard of Spas, thank you for your suggestion!
  11. Does it make any type of difference when after the spa shuts down, that we trip the GFCI and then it will work again for a while? Also when we use the lights, they will also shut down. Thank you again
  12. We recently purchased a 05 Optima froma private party. Upon using our new tub the two motors jets shut down, the control panel light goes dim but the circulation pump still operates to my knowledge we have a short somewhere, and I dont want to spend the $130.00 per hour and the $50.00 travel rate plus parts to have the "local" dealer repair it. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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