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  1. My spa has a slow but steady leak that looks like it is coming from one of the split nuts on the Balboa Heater. Does anyone know if this is common? I have read that I need to replace heater, but the unit was working OK before the leak. Looking for suggestions on fix from experts and others. Thank you.
  2. Seven years is a GOOD life. In some respects filter elements, i feel, are only as good as how they are treated. It sounds like you got that dialed. Check the prices between the two and see if you want to give them a try. If Unicell didn't perform as well as, or better than stock, I don't think they would have lasted as long as an acceptable alternative. I see Unicell, Pleatco and Filbur all over the web, but cannot seem to find a genuine Hayward cartridge to price check(#CX570XRE 75 sq-ft surface). Do you know of a source where I can buy online? Thanks
  3. Pool Clown, Just a question. I need to replace catridges for my Hayward and am running into same challenge as RGDL. My last set are Hayward originals and have worked well for more than 7 years. Did I get lucky, or do most of these cartridges last that long. Thanks
  4. The PEII owner's manual is not really clear on a number of things, but I remember a spa tech that came by to repair the unit gave me some infor on what happens when I reset it at the breaker. Can anyone illuminate what this does to the filtration and heating cycles when the unit is set to economy mode. I am trying to get it to heat up at around 6 pm each night. Also want to be sure that the pump is on a little longer during the time when we'll use it more often. Thanks
  5. I find it interesting that the Hydrospa guy who monitors this board and has quickly worked nice words at others has not replied to your post. Nary a word from the other HS puffmeisters either. Good luck.
  6. You must have a lot of spa owning friends. Or you're making the stuff up. I don't know anyone whos spa has broken down, but I've read testimonials from a lot of unhappy Hydrospa owners. So I guess its all a matter of what you believe. The testimony of many or the many words of one.
  7. Thanks much for the tip. It's not mold. Just Calcium-like stain, where the waterline receded from evaporation. I'm afraid to scour and scuff the finish of the tub.
  8. My tub has been covered and unused for a few weeks and I found some white powdery residue where some of the water had evaporated. Would appreciate some suggestions on how to safely remove deposits.
  9. There's probably only a one year warranty on the cover, Hydro wasn't alone doing that. Amway really...wow there's a scam for ya. They said that their products where better due to a dealer network and supeior stuff..... Boy was that wrong I looked at my book and it is one year warranty on the cover. I have used a vinyl conditioner and after two years it still looks and feels new so I think maintenace is also a key factor in spa cover longevity aside froma breach in the plastic linner? Any cover maintenance tips will be appreciated.
  10. My story is similar and though the spa has been fine after the initial mess, I too am having an issue with the cover. I'd say call Hydrospa, but they're not around anymore. Any suggestions as to what might be good options for replacing these covers?
  11. Soaker is probably Hydrospa employee/owner who shows up here using a handle. After all the problems we had at the outset, our PEII spa works fine after almost two years but the cover is starting to fall apart. Are covers supposed to last very long? Ultimately I am happy with the way Costco handled the problems because if it had not been for their involvement, I'm fairly certain sure Hydrospa would have done little for us. Is Costco still carrying Hydrospa or did they drop it?
  12. Opinions are like noses; everyone has one. So people can say what they want, but the Market has delivered the final word on Hydrospa, its service and its products. Unlike some of the lunatic posts on this board, the company's failure was not caused by what people opined, but by its own failure to deliver a a level of satisfaction that consumers require and from a product. That's the justice of simple market-driven economics.
  13. That may be true, but according to you, you got the info from corporate HQ. Anyone who deals with corporate America knows that local stores and HQ are very different sources, so why shoot off your horn and then refuse to disclose the source. It might lead people to think you made it up, or perhaps were some kind of corporate shill. Maybe even the NW come back to life.
  14. Right you are. Sorry about that; I did mix you two guys up. Soakerman said he got his info: "Direct from Costco Corp. headquarters in Kirkland WA." and now has repeatedly ignored requests to post the number where he got the info...very odd.
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