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  1. So over the past year or so I have had a random FL1 error on my hot tub. Not a filter or airlock issues from what I can see as it happens randomly. When it first happened I thought it was the flow switch which I replaced. Unfortunately, the error was still there. If I jumped the two flow switch wires the heater would kick on and the FL1 error would go away, I tested this on both the new and the old one. During the FL1 error, both low and high jets work, just no heat. For example on the randomness of this. Just last week it was in FL1 for a few days and then it went away for three days and then FL1 appeared the next day. A friend of mine though it might be the temp sensor on the sundance so I spent yesterday installing a new one. When I refilled the spa, FL1 came on for 20 seconds which could have been from airlock from the filter but then went away and heated the spa all night until about 2:00pm today I am getting the FL1 error flashing. Jumped the flow switch valve wires and sure enough, the FL1 went away. So before I call a spa guy out I wanted to get some opinions. Here is what I am thinking. New flow switch is bad or bad flow switch wiring harness (I just ordered a wiring harness for it to see if that is the issue.) Board is bad. High limit sensor possibly bad, the only reason I think this might be an issues is because when I was troubleshooting a while ago I disconnected both wires from the control box od the high limit sensor and temp sensor (already replaced) and when I plugged them back in and no FL1 error and it lasted all winter with no issues until the spring time when the temps got warmer it came up again. Could have been a fluke. Any advice would be awesome! Sean
  2. From the service side of things. for whatever unknown reason, the temp sensor seems to raise hell with the motherboard, sounds like the top-side is working fine to me, if all the pumps, light blower, ect., work it has to be a temp sensor. Sundance- most common brain scrambler =temp sensor let me know how it works out, temp sensor is easy to test, and every good service center has one in stock for this very reason. It's not the topside believe me. PS do not let them sell you a new board, the chip can be swaped out, this is what you get for not going with Balboa! lol! Ok from what I saw online the temp sensor looks like a long wire that goes into the board and the other end goes into the shell or do need to replace the chip on the board to fix this problem. Is there a place where I can just buy the chip from?I guess my question money wise would be in troubleshooting this it is going to cost over $45.00 to figure this out because I have a home warranty and paid extra for the spa coverage. The 45.00 bucks is my deductible. However I would rather fix things myself if at all possible. Sean
  3. I checked all the controls and yes they are all working. The jets turn on and so does the light. Is there anyway to determine which part it is without changing them out with new parts? I guess I am asking what part should I invest in first and be the most likley problem. Sean
  4. I am not sure if its in summer logic mode or what but I have not used the tub in like 2 weeks and today I noticed it was flashing numbers on the screen. After looking at it for awhile it was flashing the temperature one number at a time. Like it would flash 9 on the left and then it would go away and then flash the 6 on the other side and it would keep doing it. Anyone know what is going on? Manual doesn't say anything about it. Sean
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