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  1. I'm not sure the poolcrete goes on the walls. Mine is just on the floor. Kaitlin, get a gunite pool from a reputable pool company, and save yourself before the real problems start. If you are thinking Modular from Wave Tec, you may want to spend some time reading all of these post. I have one in my backyard...BIGGEST MISTAKE--EVER!!!! Be Careful!
  2. Lucky you!!! You just saved yourself from the hell we have been going through for over a year with Wavetec! I wish I had known about this forum in August 2004. Poolfool
  3. I think he is searching for a single "man" on that site, what other reason if he has a wife? Glad to get a visual on the vampire...God knows he has sucked us dry, and then we bent over for the finale. Thanks to all that have made contact by coming forward!! Does anyone have a pool with water that you can actually use?? I would love to swim, but instead I just send in my check to SUPERIOR FUNDING...and NO POOL. Can you feel the love?
  4. Rusty, What is your extension at Wavetec? Could you put in a good word for the rest of us with your wonderful, honest, and trustworthy company? Ha-Ha...They may have forgotten us, but you can be sure we will never forget Wavetec...41 complaints to the Attorney General...WOW!!!
  5. Sorry, Mike in El Paso, I was directing my reply to the other Mike, former WT employee...You should remember me, we spoke alot and you (I understand) gave me the "wait for a tech, they are tied up in...get this El Paso, for 2 months...going on a year. I'm in College Station. Call (979) 220-1272. Just not sure how on the level you are, but if Mike in El Paso trust you, then I do also.
  6. Hello Mike, former WT employee...our liner has leaked since day one. It leaks, has floated away from the wall, and removed itself from the pool wall. We have to keep trying to latch it back, but it is like a balloon. We have what feels like large rocks under the liner in the deep end, and it has wrinkles everywhere. We need a dump truck to fill it in and that will solve these problems. The steps have started to move away from the concrete also. The cleaner does not work, just sits there. How can you help?? No one can make this nightmare go away, but thanks for trying.
  7. Just curious to know how many of you Wave Tec victims have had to have someone else fix their mistakes?? Had our estimate for the liner only (approx $900 plus a drain and fill...if no other problems come up) to repair, not replace. They have not checked the plumbing yet...can't wait for that bid. But i'll let you know. I also found out that 41 complaints have been filed with the Attorney General, I make # 42. Where are these 41?? Would love to hear from you.
  8. Has anyone contacted a lawyer and started a class action suit? If so, please contact me because a lawsuit is our only option now. We have tried everything else. We contacted a lawyer and he said we needed to find more people in our position. Unfortunately, I only discovered this forun today. Please call us or send the lawyers name if you have started this ball rolling, or if you too are at your limit with Wave Tec. and want to file a suit. This pathetic company has done enough damage, we need everyone to get this done.
  9. We tried to cancel our contract, before they even spray painted the cutting lines on our grass, and they said we were in violation of their contract and would file suit against us for $8500. They said we had 3 days to cancel, but our papers tghat made our decision took 10 days to get to me. Well, sadly, we paniced over being sued and said OK. That was 8/2004...our pool was done on 1/2005...since 1/2005 we have been trying to get the liner fixed. It is about to collapse. law suit...we are in!!! we are all saying it, we need to put some phone #'s up and get a lawyer. Anyone know a lawyer that will give it to Wave Tec??? My # 979-220-1272
  10. It does appear that Rusty is the ONLY ONE that is living it up in his $30K pool, while EVERYONE else is on a mission to just be able to use theirs. We all got screwed by Wave Tec...Count your blessings, Rusty...you are the only lucky one. Enjoy your pool.
  11. Law Suit, anyone???? I want my WAVE TEC (PIECE OF S**T) pool fixed before it caves in on us.
  12. Another family in the same boat as us. They also destroyed our yard, wood fence, and double gate. They replaced 2 pieces of wood on the fence and called it done. However, the yard was the least of our concern, since the pool leaked from day one. Same thing with constant contact and getting the brush off. Our liner is floating and the sides have removed themselves from the pool wall. Is your suit only concerning the yard? Do you have pool problems also? We spoke with our lawyer, and he suggested we find others in our situation. Do you fit that situation? Pool Fool
  13. After reading several entries, it is clear that all but Rusty are not satisfied with their pool. Many pools are incomplete after months, most were lengthy in completion, and ALL POOLS seem to have PROBLEMS due to poor quality in equiptment and installer skill. We were told flat out that they are not replacing the liner that has been leaking since it was placed, even though they have not been here to see it. I have emails from Mike N. (no longer employed by Wave Tec) stating that our issues will be address as soon as a service tech is available...still waiting, that was last year. I read one entry discussing a Class Action Law Suit against Wave Tec Pool or Wave Tec Pools Inc., whichever they choose to be, and if there is a lawyer among this bunch, STEP-UP. I believe that Wave Tec should pay for the repairs to be made, because if they would have done the job correctly the first time, then I would not have read all of these dissatisfied blogs today. If you are interested in taking this path to use the courts to force Wave Tec to honor their work, then speak up. I know most feel this way, but do not know how to put the action in motion. I placed a call to the Attorney General today to get some insight... Let me know if you are at your limit, like me. POOL FOOL!!
  14. Frustrated in College Station, TX...Wave Tec (sorry to say) installed our pool starting in Aug. 2004. They filled it on Jan. 20, 2005 for the first time, realized it was leaking and drained it. After 3 drains and fills (on my water bill) they determined that the liner was torn. Since then, 1 1/2 yr ago, we have had constant contact with each NEW service representative at Wave Tec to have it repaired AGAIN. Now, the liner has turned into a water bed and the liner has removed itself from the pool wall. The equiptment does not work properly, like when you turn on the spa, other jets run, and the spa will never shut off, even when the valve is on OFF. Our installer left the state, I wonder why?? Thanks, Tony!! Mark in the service dept. at Wave Tec just told me today, 6/21/06, that they can't do anything to help us. After speaking to a reputable pool installer in Houston, we found this site. I am sorry for all whom are suffering with what should be great family fun, however when our liner peeled away from the wall with our 2 small children in the pool, we are a little more stressed than before. We are ready to sell our new home, just to be rid of this mess. Lesson learned, I'll do my homework better before we put another pool in. ***If anyone has found a way to make Wave Tec honor their product, please send it on. We are considering filling it in...that bad. CONSIDERING WAVE TEC...THINK AGAIN!!!!! POOL FOOL
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