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  1. They're made in PA. Thermopane insualted. Would like to hear from anyone who owns one. Satisifed? Pros and cons. Thanks.
  2. Calling all thermopane spa owners. We're leaning towards thermopane also. Would like to hear from owners of TP spas--which one did you buy? Why? How is it in wintertime-energy efficient-if you live where you have snow and low temps in Dec-Mar. Pros and cons, please. Thanks.
  3. Strictly sold on getting a TP spa. Now comes the hard part of choosing which one. Calling all TP spa owners, what kind of spa do you own, where do you live (we live in upstate NY), how energy efficient is your tub (electric is costly here), pros and cons of your choice, what was the deciding factor(s) in choosing the spa you did? Did you see the exact model you chose at the dealer? Did you wet test the one you bought?
  4. Looked at a Clearwater spa the other day. They look nice and the TP insulation seems substantial but I would really like to hear from any Clerwater owners who live in the Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, who use their spas when temps are in the teens from Dec-March. How did you decide on the Clerwater TP spa vs other TP spas? Pros, cons, please. This is a big decision and we want to invest our money wisely. Thanks.
  5. Would like to hear from Arctic spa owners on why they chose Arctic and how happy (or unhappy) they are with their purchase. Pros and cons. Do you have winter snow and cold temps where you live and how energy efficient the tub is? We live in upstate NY and have narrowed our choices to TP spas. Will have to travel over 100 miles to find the closest dealer but thinking it may be worth it. Also, would be interested in ballpark price/price you paid on the "Cub" model, 4-5 person with a lounger. Thanks.
  6. We've spent the past 3 weekends shopping for our spa. We prefer thermal blanketed because the idea of finding/repairing a leak in a foamed tub scares us. We've looked at Clearwater, Hydropool, Hydro Spa, Thermo spa (well, can't see but the salesman came out). Can't see Arctic or Beachcomber because closest dealers are hours away. With that said, would like to hear from thermal blanket spa owners on what type of spa they own, how energy efficient is it, pros and cons on their manufacturer choice, etc. We live in upstate NY and plan to use our spa in the winter, lows mostly in teens in winter but we have had days at 0 or below. Yes, we've learned a 5 inch cover is a must. Our spa will be on a deck elevated 3 feet off the ground, open underneath. The more we look, the more confused we are getting. Did we miss some TP brands? And our budget is $5-7K. Is this reasonable to think we can get a good quality spa ? Just the two of us, and we don't need a ton of jets or stereo, TV, extra bells and whistles but do want an ozonator. No Costco's near us. Real experiences please. Thanks.
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