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How Would You Rate The Quality Of A Hot Tub? What Specific Aspects Do You Think Are Imp...

27 July 2013 - 07:56 AM

I'm trying to put together a chart listing all the different aspects of a hot tub (brand), in order to, in a sense, rate the overall quality. Looking for some input on what YOU feel are some important aspects. Things such as;


Frame material (pressure treated wood, non-pressure treated wood, aluminum, steel, plastic etc.)

Cover quality (thickness, foam density etc.)

Skirt material and thickness (composite, wood)

Insulation method and material

Years in business


I'm as interested in what the Pros think is important, as much as what consumers think is important. PLEASE feel free to respond with what YOU feel is an important aspect...and please mention whether your a consumer, or a professional in the industry.







Ramco St-131 / St-600

27 February 2013 - 07:43 AM

Argggggggggggggggg. My antiquated thermostat died. Hoping there's some other old timers around with some ideas.


Thermostat has two parts, the actual thermostat, which is a Ramco ST-131;




And an interface, a Ramco ST-600.....which died.....and is beyond obsolete (I think mine is 25 years old)


The ST-600 is simply a DPST relay operated by very low voltage (which runs through the ST-131 thermostat), with a built-in transformer. The whole thing just thermostatically controls a 1/20 hp circ pump.


Anyone have any ideas on some kind of replacement?

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