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In Topic: Solar Heated Hot Tub

Today, 08:40 PM

The absolute easiest way is to put two new holes and fittings into the spa and plumb it in as a COMPLETELY independent system. Anything else, you'll go bald pulling your hair out...bald from head to toe.


I"m assuming they're heating water directly...rather than a PV system? if so, how much storage capacity do they have ?( FYI, unless they have MASSIVE storage capacity, never in a million years will they ever reach payback)?

In Topic: Spa Purge Product Comparison

Today, 08:37 PM

Go for it.

In Topic: Anyone Else Use A Spa Frog?

Yesterday, 06:46 AM

All their products are "the worst"? Looks like you only used ONE of their products, and it didn't work for YOU.

In Topic: New Purchase Thoughts/opinions - How Important Is Dealer?

20 July 2016 - 05:28 AM

Definitely go with the better dealer.


Some years ago I read an article about a study that determined that women base much of their buying decision of cars on the number and convenience of cup holders. Never would I think that cup holders would be a deciding factor for a hot tub.

In Topic: White Mold Problem After Spill And Fill

20 July 2016 - 05:19 AM

"So I added some clarifier and that’s when the bubbling/foaming started."


This typically is caused by something in the water that the clarifier coagulates into large enough particles to then create this problem. Most frequently it's personal hygiene products. i.e. hair conditioner, make-up, body lotion etc.