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23 November 2014 - 04:33 PM

press buttons in this order; lock button, up arrow, clock button, down arrow

In Topic: Main Panel Breaker Trips

23 November 2014 - 08:22 AM

NO! You are only providing THIRTY amps. You don't double the number of the breaker when you use two breakers to supply 240v. It's only THIRTY amps your providing to the spa!


Remember, you're providing power from two 120v "legs" of power.....and you're only providing 30a from each leg, NOT 60a

In Topic: Main Panel Breaker Trips

23 November 2014 - 08:20 AM


In Topic: Main Panel Breaker Trips

23 November 2014 - 08:05 AM

It doesn't meet code which make it illegal and dangerous (because when one breaker trips, the other doesn't and there's still power going to the spa.


Circuit breakers come as full size, and half size (wafer breakers). The image above shows the different configurations. The top left breaker is a full size 120v breaker. On the right in the middle are some 120v wafer breakers. The bottom left breaker is a 240 volt breaker (notice how the two handles are tied together) . 240v breakers rarely come in wafer size, and when they do, it can be tricky to place them correctly so they supply 240v (you experienced this originally when you had to move a breaker to get your 240v). In the US, home are supplied with two hot legs of 120v electricity. The electricity is alternating current. Imagine the wires running horizontally, and the current alternating from left to right. When the current is moving to the left in one of these hot legs, it's moving to the right in the other. As it alternates, it then move to the right in one, and the left in the other. In order to get 240v, you have to pull power from each of these legs. Think of it like a "two man tree saw".

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