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Six Deadly Pool Purchasing Mistakes- Part 1

Posted by expertpoolbuilders, 23 April 2012 · 2,113 views


Six Deadly Pool Purchasing Mistakes

Part 1

Mistake #1:

Not designing your pool for its intended purpose

You might have heard the phrase, Form follows function. To know what type of pool you want, you need to know what you'll be using it for. The type of pool you'll select should depend on what you'll be using it for.
More often than not, people considering the purchase of a pool have a specific purpose in mind. It is important to write this down and have it ready when you start to talk to pool builders.

The Myth of the Large Diving Pool

An interesting phenomenon frequently happens when the majority of first-time pool buyers desire a large pool with a deep end and a diving board. After about a year of pool use, new owners discover that the deep end rarely gets used and the diving board becomes more of a safety hazard. Most of the games that are played by the kids are done in the shallow end and that is where the adults spend 95 percent of their time. Because they decided to build a large pool with a deep end, only 35 percent of the pool gets utilized, resulting in unnecessary expense and low usage. It is also important to consult with your insurance agent regarding increased premiums with diving boards. Having a large pool does not mean that you need to have a deep end. There are many large pools that are available with a gradual slope offering more area for play and use.

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