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Foggy Read-Out Display Triad Ii

Posted by Eriq, 25 October 2011 · 1,396 views

We bought a Dimension I Triad II Spa in Feb 2005. Its kept under a covered porch and has run great with no problems what so ever. Several weeks ago 85%+ of the read-out display got foggy in the long top control panel . All the control buttons work. Its just the display read out. I figure the seal was compromised. A new long top control panel replacement panel is expensive (at least for us at $350+). I know the control buttons work cuz I can see the read-out change commands, or at least I can see about half-an-inch worth of something changing with each control button pushed! My idea is to drill a small hole in the clear plastic cover above the read-out and use my wifes blow-dryer to try and dry it out, then plug the hole with some clear silicone. She refuses to let me play with her hair dryer around the spa for reasons only she can fathom. Probably has something to do with almost me electrocuting my Mother-in-law once a long time ago. Some people can never forget little things I guess!!! If anyone has any ideas to help me fix this I'd really appreciate it. My wife has been without her beloved hot-tub and she is threatening to drown me in it. Thanx.

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