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Re-Occuring Metal Stains On Vinyl Liner In My Above Ground Pool

Posted by maggiecee, 30 July 2011 · 2,121 views

For the last two years, I have been having a problem with metal stains on my liner. My pool is an above ground 18 feet around and 52 inches deep. I top it off from my local town water supply, which is the water that comes into my house. I have gone to my local pool store and bought products on line that guarantee to sequester the metals, but I still have the problem. I have used Ascorbix and Stain X and the stain disappears. However, as soon as I would shock it came back.
This year I have added Pool Magnet to my routine. I have been advised not to shock, so I just use my tabs to keep the chlorine up. I do not have any problems with algae. In addition, this year, I cannot seem to get my ph up to appropriate levels even though I have followed the recommendations of my pool store since I opened my pool in early June. I have also had my sand in the filter replaced three weeks ago.
My pool and liner are about 15 years old and I did not have this problem until two years ago.
I keep having my water tested and the metal levels have been low until today when copper went from .2 to 2.
Today I was told to add Stain Magnet in addition to the other things I have been using.
I am totally frustrated. I have spent so much money and no one seems to have an answer to my problem. If the metal is coming from my town water supply, can I get rid of it in the pool? If it is not from the water supply, where could it be coming from? I do not have a heater.
My water is clear, but no matter what I do the metals keep depositing on my liner every few days whether I top it off or not. When the metals deposit it makes my water look green until I treat with Ascorbix and Stain X.
I feel like I am just in a repeating cycle with no answers and now I have the ph problem, as well. I have not been able to use my pool at all and would love to hear from someone who has some ideas/suggestions about what could be the problem and how I can solve it. My biggest concern is the metal staining.

how often do you use copper based algacides? (They are often called three month algaecides)
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how often do you use copper based algacides? (They are often called three month algaecides)

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I haven't used them at all. I didn't know if the pool people who opened my pool did or not, so I called them and they said they do not use copper based algacides.
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Have you solved this problem?

What color are the metal stains that are appearing on your liner? Are they only showing up at the waterline or elsewhere as well?

If the problem is the source water that you're using to top off the pool, I've worked with many folks who had a great deal of success using the ecoone hose filter. It's quite different than the usual filters out there as it actually removes most dissolved metals from the water.
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