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Spa Water Pumped Into Pool

Posted by Lowly82, 21 April 2011 · 1,070 views

I'm hoping someone has some thoughts on a problem I am having. I bought a house with a pool, spa and solar panels almost two years ago. Because the solar panels had dry rot when we moved in, we have not used them. Our pool and spa from what I can tell are on two completely different circulation systems (two filters, two pumps) and have worked completely fine on their own. My project this spring was to remove the bad solar panels and utilize the working ones to get hot water into the spa, which I did. However, after about 2 days of hot water running, I noticed that all of a sudden spa water was being pumped into the pool to the point where the pump was sucking air via the spa skimmer. I thought maybe there was an equilibrium problem but the spa is at ground level with the pool and even if the pool water level is higher than the spa water level, spa water continues to get pumped into the pool. I thought maybe one of my three jandy valves was leaking so I took them apart and noticed that there was some damage on one of the diverters. After I replaced the damaged diverter, water still continues to be pumped into the pool. What is interesting, however, is that if I run the pool on the solar panels or completely bypass the solar panels all together, everything is fine. Only when the spa pump is on with solar panels do I lose water to the pool. Before I go spending hundreds of dollars on three new Jandy valves in a blind guess that they are the problem, is there something else I'm overlooking?

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