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How to manage a spa that's not being used

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Susanj    0

It's off-season for our vacation rental and this is the first winter we've had it so we are trying to work out how to manage things. It is is being checked weekly and the bromine has  been too high. We kept turning the floater opening down lower and lower but even at the lowest setting it's too high.

So we think maybe we should leave the floater empty and weekly put in some MPS?

The only other thing I can think of is to just put maybe fewer tabs in the floater, like 2 or 3.  We'd been filling it (8 tablets?) and when checked a week later it'd be empty or near empty

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Brian VT    0

I had mentioned this to you before. I think you're a good candidate for a salt water chlorine generator.

You'll have much more control than with a tablet floater.

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Foxy    0

I agree if you have the proper salt water chlorine generator system.I have done a lot of research and have talked to some customers that have the automated water care system called Spa Boy in their spas and they all absolutely love it. They also like the fact that when they are out of town or on holidays they can monitor their spa from anywhere in the world from the myarcticspa.com portal. even has a pwer manage meant system that will show you exactly how much your spa is costing you to run per day.

I would say it's definitely worth while checking out if your interested on their website www.arcticspas.com

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For keeping your spa tub safe during the off seasons you must follow the below given points:

Clean your spa tub properly before letting it leave simply.

Try to use less chlorine in the spa tub to keep the tub as well as your skin safe.

Always check the alkalinity of the water. The more alkaline your water the greater are the chances of damaging your spa tub.

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