Coast Spa Wailea Gecko Circuit Board Melted Wire

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We have a Wailea Coast Spa probably about 10 years old (bought second hand from an individual). Runs on 240V. We have had the spa up and running for about 6 months and today one of the wires melted on the circuit board whilst the heater and pump #1 was running.

I have posted some photos on the following link.

It looks to me that box P20Heater and P21High Limit #1 have been swapped places on the board as compared with the diagram.


1. Can we replace just the burnt black box and wire?

2. Does it need soldering?

3. Should we replace the whole circuit board?

4. Where should we buy parts?

5. Is there an underlying cause of this that needs fixing?

Thanks for all the help.


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It's wired properly.

1) No- the wire isn't the only thing damaged- it appears as though the relay, as well as the board are damaged as well.

2) If you're good at PCB repair and soldering- yes. It also needs a new relay.

3) Yes- unless you're good wit a soldering iron and have some experience repairing circuit boards.


5) Most likely not- just time and corrosion created a weak spot- I'd guess the relay began to fail, and overheated.

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Thanks for your answers.

I have found a company through Google that will repair the circuit board for $150. A new one seems to be around $350.

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