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Z115/315 Jacuzzi Echo-No Power To Topside Control

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I have an issue with a Z115/Z315 echo spa. I had it up and running all last year just fine until winter came.

Then when I went out to check it one week, the spa had shut down and there was a thin layer of ice on top,

about 1/4" or so. The breaker had tripped. I tried restarting to see if I could "save" it rather than unfreezing

and draining. The pump motor kicked in for a few seconds and then quit. So I used space heaters to completely thaw

and then drain the spa.

This spring, I have no power power to the topside control. I did isolate the pump motor to make sure I didn't burn

it out and it works. There is power to the board as I was using a multimeter to check a few of the relays. I haven't

replaced the fuses yet, but will do so just to rule it out.

Just looking for suggestions as to where I should start troubleshooting from someone with more experience.

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated!

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