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Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Not Moving

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The Hayward Pool Vac Ultra is not moving. It had been moving, and now it isn't. It's about 2 years old.

And since my son moved out, I can't bribe anyone with pizza and beer to vacuum the bottom of the pool by hand. Including myself.

When picking it up from the bottom, the "feet" move.

When placed on the vertical walls of the pool, it moves normally.

When placed back on the bottom, it does not move, though the hose does pulse and it feels as though the waterwheel is moving.

This behavior is the same whether set for I, II, or III.

None of the feet or wings have worn to the point recommended for replacement.

I misplaced the "flow meter" that came with the thing, and while I understand the sensitive nature of things such as this, we don't have air coming from the pump outlets or any other reason to think a loss of suction is the issue. It seems that the behavior described above indicates that either the springs on the front and back flaps are worn and not generating enough force away from the bottom of the pool that the feet are able to propel it, or perhaps that there is too much suction and it is "stuck" on the bottom for that reason.

Any thoughts?

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