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  1. Unicel is a very good name with good quality. I have a Hayward Filter C4025. For this model there are many different sizes of cartridges. The important thing is that you choose a Cartridge with high number of pleats. The more pleats the more Square footage of filtration, which means it will filter for longer periods before it needs cleaning. I usually go with either 106 Sqft Unicel model UNIC7488 or even better the 112 Sqft model UNIC7489 You did not mention which filter model you have, but I would go with the highest possible square footage available for your filter. This way you cleaning becomes easier and further away.
  2. You should definitely not used Plumber's Putty. It always stays soft. There is a great product, which comes in two "playdoo" like pieces. You mix them in ratio of 1 to 1 like playdo. It does not stick to your hands. You can make it any shape you want. It takes only one hour for the initial curing and in 12 hours it is completely hard. I used it to close cracks between the bolders and the top of the pool which was resulting in water leakage and chlorine loss. This product worked for me. I found it here and it is quite reasonable pricewise. Pool putty is two part clay that is mixed together and when is sets up it will be hard as the PVC plastic I found it and in between my fingers is irritated as hell from mixing it barehanded.
  3. I have not heard good things about Dirt Devil Rampage. I have heard good things from many friends who own a Maytronics Dolphin Explorer and now I am considering getting one of these if it means I will save in the long run on electric bills and on having separate booster pump and pool cleaner.
  4. I will respectfully disagree with's response. There is an excellent resin putty which is easy to mold and apply underwater. It cures underwater, it hardens within one hour and becomes concrete like within 12 hours... did I mention all of this happens underwater? There is no need to drain the pool. Just take a few deep breaths and dive with a pair of goggles and fix it hhmmm, well underwater I have found this product here I used it in my pool where I had cracks on the side of the pool where the decorative rocks and the pool were meeting, resulting it water/chemical leakage. I used this resin and never looked back. In reference to you other concern on your cleaner getting stuck on top of the drain. There is a product which might help - but I am not 100% sure on that. It's called Smart Ring Drain Cover and it is supposed to prevent cleaners from getting stuck.
  5. Yes you can patch, there is a good product called Epoxy Putty. In the box it contains two separate containers, each with a material that feels and looks like plasteline-playdo. You cut equal quantity of each of the two and you mix them together, just like children play with playdo. The final mixture is very flexible and can be molded into anything. The most important think is that you can do this work underwater and it cures underwater. Also you can take your time as it does not cure within minutes like other products sold at home depot. I have boulder rocks around my pool. These rocks separated from the pool edge and created cracks. The problem was that the water level of my pool was/is above the point where the rocks met the pool. As a result, I was having major leak issues. This product saved me a lot of money. I would have had to slightly empty the pool and call for a contractor to re-set the rocks and fill the cracks with cement or something. Instead this epoxy putty was cheap and a child can do it. Usually one 15.5 oz is plently, but of course it depends how deep and how many holes you will need to do. Here is a page on the internet which carries this product.
  6. Your grids lasted for 15 years!!! WOW. I would go for a new system (Cartridge filter and pumps), but as long as the filter cage is in good shape you can always simply replace the grids. I think the right replacement grid for your filter is Unicel FS-2004
  7. I have found the over the deck kits somewhat for less than $50. Can your pool guy guarrantee of the leak location? It wouldn't sit well if you had the concrete broken only to find that the pipe is broken at a different location. It's very easy to make such a mistake. You can never really tell where the source of a leak might be just by looking at the location of where the water has surfaced. Water simply flows until it finds an exit. The pipe brake might be at a well concrete covered location only to crip and travel to find an exit at a dirt soft area.
  8. You mentioned that you just got the Polaris 280. Before installing it, did you lay the hose straight in the sun for a few hours? This should help take the pre-coil that the hose has while in the box. You can still do it now. Disconnect the wall fitting, take the Polaris out of the water and lay the hose straight in the sun for a couple of hours or for the Polaris Manual recommended time. Then, while the hose is warm from the sun, place is in the pool, still straight. This should fix the problem.
  9. I don't want to sound like a saleman here, as it is against this forum rules, but if you wish, please email me your ladder's brand name, model number and if possible the part number you need to replace along with photos. I will try to find it for you. my email: Thanks.
  10. Most probably your Inline Backup Valve is broken. It is quite easy to replace and sold almost everywhere at retail pool stores and online.
  11. It sounds like you need to have your Pool Filter cleaned or you might need new filter grids or Cartridges, depending on the filter type you have. Before going to buy new grids or cartridges, check the possibility of cleaning them first. It is the time of year that all pool owners either clean themselved or have a professional clean the pool filter. If you have not had your pool filter cleaned yet, it is almost a certainty that this is the reason of the low presure. You can also check the pressure on your Pool Filter Presure Gauge, usually located on the top of the pool filter. Usually if it close to and/or more that 20PSI on Cartridge Filters then you need filter cleaning. You need to do the cleaning ASAP because lack of pressure means less and inefficient water filtration, resulting in rapid water clouding, dirt and algae built up.
  12. Pump I am a fan of the Pentair/StaRite brand. Be careful and check your State Law. If you live in California newly legislated law states that you must use at least a 2 speed pump. This is in order to save on electricity. Sta-Rite is the same as Pentair. Pentair bought Sta-Rite some time ago. So it's the same company, but the Sta-Rite brand is cheaper. Cartridge Filter My favorite Cartridge Filter is SwimClear by Hayward. It is the most competitive in price with great quality. From the size of your pool it sounds like you would be needing either the C2025 or the C3025. I would go with the C3025 because you would be able to filter more water faster, therefore reducing your electric usage. It would also reduce the frequency that you would have to open and clean up the cartridges. Heater The BTUs make a difference on the speed that the Spa will be heated. So it really depends on how impatient you might be Also you want to heater that is quiet. You would like while you are trying to relax in your spa to be listening an annoying noise fo the heater. The Pentair 400,000 BTUs will certainly do a great job in both speed and low noise.
  13. At least make sure you take advantage of the rebate Polaris is offering. Once you purchase your new Polaris, there is paperwork in the box which you fill out. You mail your old sweeper to Polaris together with the paperwork and Polaris sends you a rebate for $150.
  14. It is quite probable that some of the thick pine needles or thicker branch has been caught in the wheels. It has happened to me several times. You might need to try to scoop the majority of the needles with a rake first and leave the light work to the Polaris 380.
  15. You mentioned you have 20,000 gallons pool. The suggestion you got for the 425 sqft seems a little too big for the size of pool. See here it has a good explanation of filter matching to pool size matching. If you manage to get rid of the dusty yard, I would go for the Swimclear Hayward C2025. If the dusty yard is not going away any time soon, I would go for the Swimclear Hayward C3025. I prefer hayward, they are good quality and a little cheaper than Pentair. For the Cartridges the difference in price between the ones for the 2025 and the 3025 is only $4 per cartridge. For the bigger 4025 the price is significantly higher. Based on all the above I think it would be better investment the C3025. The Whisperflo PEN011516 pump is pretty good, but again, STA-Rite P6E6H209L is equally good but cheaper than Pentair and some time ago I think Pentair bought off STA-Rite, so they are basically the same company.