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  1. UPDATE We did manage to negotiate a bit and went for the Caldera Salina for $9350, brand new, tax included. It was the most spacious one for my husband ( 6'2").
  2. Hi! We are looking at the sundance Chelsee, J365 and Caldera Salina. They all have been quoted at aroud $9600-9700 except for the J365 that we could get for $9234 for a 2016 floor model. Those are supoosed to be sale prices. for president day week end. 1.They dont seem to be willing to negotiate really. Is that common? They all went down from the original price before we even said anything, but that's their final price and that's it. 2. Are those reasonable prices? 3. Is it correct to assume to going to a lower series (j200, sundance 680...) might end up being more expensive because of shorter warranty, lower quality insulation...?We mostly want a spa for relaxation and dont need all kind of fancy jets. just something comfortable 4. My husband is 6'2'' and the Chelsee felt a little tight for him. any experience with that? Thank you!! Trying to make a decision pretty soon!!!
  3. I won't be able to help you, but how do you like your Geneva, besides this issue? and how much did you pay for it? Thank you, I hope you found a solution to your problem!
  4. Hello, We recently started looking for a 5-6 persons hot tub. We have no experience and no idea what we're talking about but we're learning. We looked at jacuzzi, Caldera and Cal spas tubs. A sale person told us that Caldera was the best, and that we would not find any complaints about any model....we quickly find that to be wrong, even though it does seem to be a good brand.He then told us we could get the Geneva floor model for 10000, tax included, with cover, steps, delivery and so on...We went home trying to find what this spa goes for, but it's so hard to find prices anywhere!!!! It didn't seem like it would be an amazing deal from what we saw. Any opinion on that matter? and out of these 3 brands, which one would be the most reliable? Thanks